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moving on...

So, I’ve been thinking for quite awhile now….even before I started writing here again…that I feel like I have outgrown this particular blog.

I don’t really understand that, because I mean, it’s a blog. 147 more words


fallen down the croc hole

Okay, y’all. We need to have a conversation about crocs.

Not croc…odiles.


Those ridiculous, come in every color of the rainbow, add charms and bedazzle them until they’re more gaudy than before, how’s that’s even possible I don’t even know, Crocs. 1,490 more words


If it was anyone, it would be Tom Hanks

If there was ever an actor I would hope to bump into while we were out in LA, it would be Tom Hanks.

And I’m not wanting this for me…even though I would probably lose my chill and be all TOM HANKS!!! 887 more words


news I did not want but had to have

It’s been news I have been waiting on…news I didn’t want but knew was coming.

And it came today.

A very dear friend of mine passed away from ALS. 936 more words


the close call

So, we had our first REALLY close call with a tornado the other night. And I’m still shaken up about it. Maybe I’ll feel better about it if I write…I don’t know. 1,313 more words


my mom purpose

Ok so, I AM 34. And when I turned 34, Tim was all, “You’re the age I was when we met!”

Man. I never even thought of that. 438 more words


I was not totally prepared for this part

Okay…so why did no one warn me about the part where Kellan grows up???????

I mean yes, duh.

But…okay see, when babies are babies, you are their entire universe. 782 more words