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Goldman's Venezuelan Bonds. Get some.

Litter tumbles the gutters and shrill shouts rocket the air.  This desperation is palpable.  Venezuela is the world’s newest failed nation.  Over the past six months the average Venezuelan has lost 18 pounds of body weight on the “Maduro diet.”  Most people spend their days on the street, in line, regardless of education level or professional status.   628 more words

Ο Nick Warren στο Bolivar Beach Bar!

Tο πολυτάλαντος είναι μια συγκρατημένη περιγραφή!

Ο Βρετανός καλλιτέχνης της progressive house που ξεκίνησε την καριέρα του ως tour dj των Massive Attack, καθιερώθηκε μουσικά μέσα από τις σπουδαίες του παραγωγές στην Global Underground! 25 more words

Confederate Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner - Document Signed

Confederate Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner – Document Signed
Confederate Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner – Document Signed Simon Bolivar Buckner Sr. (1823-1914) Graduated From The United States Military Academy With The Class Of 1844. 344 more words


New mayor makes history in Bolivar

BOLIVAR, Tenn. — It’s a new era for the town of Bolivar, Tennessee. Recently voters elected the youngest and the first African-American as mayor of the city. 424 more words


My Hometown

If my hometown could talk, it would be soft-spoken with a southern drawl. A small, quaint college town in Southwest Missouri, Bolivar resides about 7.5 hours from my new home in Louisville, Kentucky.  818 more words

Bolivar and Galveston

Down around the Gulf Coast we went, heading for Texas! After a one-night stay at the Cajun Corner campground, where we shared a hot tub with an obnoxious drunken Canadian woman and her entourage, we headed down to Bolivar. 564 more words



Bolívar es un departamento de Colombia y su capital es Cartagena de Indias, principal destino turístico del país. Está ubicado en la región Caribe, limitando al norte con el mar Caribe.  530 more words