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Random Thoughts on Packages and Magazine Subscriptions

I’m a magazine person, but hard-copy.

I mean, yes, being able to obtain and read new BOOKS on electronic readers, because of living longterm in places without public libraries, easy access to,  or reasonably-priced books in one’s own heart language, has opened out my life and given joy in absolutely watershed manner.   441 more words


Christmas Day 2013 in the Village

THE TUTUMA FULL OF MOQOCHINCHE (the traditional gourd village bowl full of spiced juice made of dried whole rural highland peaches) THAT DOÑA ABUELITA PASSED TO US. 322 more words


A Blazing, Shining Starry Christmas Eve

God gave me a gift on Christmas Eve four nights ago! P. and I had traveled out from Cochabamba with friends in their jeep on the 23rd, first on all those highland roads to and through the city of Oruro, which sits on the Altiplano (the GREAT, HIGH PLAIN of the ANDES of PERU and BOLIVIA, that stretches majestically between the Eastern Cordillera and the Western Cordillera of the Andes Range, and then on to Potosi, an old historic city that lies at 14,000 feet altitude!   450 more words


Cochabamba Water Wars Close and Personal

It was the Cochabamba “Water Wars” that month.  The government of Bolivia had signed off on a deal with a multinational company that would turn over the rights to 96 percent of the gains from management of citizen’s water to a Britain-based multinational company and raise 9X  the citizens’ monthly water bill overnight.   1,076 more words


Quechua Outreach in Bolivia

One of Galcom International’s partners is a man named Alex Muir. Alex is with Pioneers Canada, an Evangelical mission organization that mobilizes teams to participate in planting churches amongst unreached people groups. 338 more words