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Under the Spotlight: A Bollywood Bliss

Over the years Bollywood has become an integral part of the Indian culture and is the one thing that everyone knows about India (Jai ho!). And with Bollywood movies come innumerable songs and dances (not that I’m complaining!). 238 more words


Bollywood Dance And Dance Classes

There are lots of alternatives available where you can find out dancing actions from. You might choose online dance video clips, learning dance with videos/cassettes, working with dancing choreographers for residence understanding, joining academy dancing school etc. 309 more words

Bollywood Dance

Some Characteristics Of Bollywood Dance School

Bollywood dance, a word of modern Indian dance is a combo of timeless Indian dancing, people dance such as Bhangra and also often has a Latino as well as Arabic impact. 376 more words

Bollywood Dance

Types Of Dances And Its Characteristics

Dance has been a part of human culture given that time immemorial. It is true to state that man has actually danced, or moved to the rhythms of nature, before formal language existed. 819 more words

Bollywood Dance