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Mithoon to score the anthem for Shailendra Singh's WBGF

The mission for the World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival is to unite the world of music and sport to raise awareness and funds for education. So quite possibly, getting the coveted Bollywood composer Mithoon to do the anthem for WBGF, in an attempt to bring Bollywood and the growing mass of EDM fans in India, in the same line.   20 more words


Bollywood and its Manic-Pepsi Dream Girl

We’re all too familiar with the manic-pixie dream girl trope from Hollywood movies and western literature in general. A capricious, spontaneous female force of nature that serves as a plot device to light up the life of the dreary male protagonist who has lost his way in life so that he can once again “live in the moment”, becoming a concept rather than an actual human being. 1,049 more words

Sunny Leone clarifies she isn't doing horror film

Sunny Leone has the potential to be the Scream Queen of the new generation. She has already been part of one horror and a supernatural one. 114 more words


{ Movie Review } - Amit Masurkur's Newton!

I tried to get myself to call Newton a beautiful movie or a great movie or give it any number of pleasant adjectives. Because, for me, the adjective that defined Newton was haunting. 1,135 more words

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