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In Defense of October: a Reply to Chris Trotter

Guest post by Terry Coggan, a New Zealand Marxist and trade unionist.

Chris Trotter manages to inflict so much injury on historical truth in his short article marking this month’s centenary of the Russian Revolution (read Trotter’s article… 2,687 more words

Class Struggle

The nervous moment of insurrection

The October revolution which brought to power the Bolshevik regime in Russia one hundred years ago was both the greatest achievement of the working class, and a watershed which conditioned in one way or another the whole course of world history for the remainder of the twentieth century. 3,281 more words

Class Struggle

Larissa Reisner and the German revolution of 1923

In a vain effort to escape from the disgusting trivia of the New Zealand elections, I have been reading Hamburg at the Barricades, Larissa Reisner’s1 account of the failed German revolution of 1923. 1,935 more words

Class Struggle

(A post for Susan if and when she has the time . . .)

Source: Marxists Internet Archive

By Paul Mattick 1938

Was the Bolshevik Revolution a Failure?

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Marxist Theory

Aleksandra Michajlovna Kollontaj : Mother Russia

The worker-mother must learn not to differentiate between yours and mine; she must learn that there are only our children, the children of Russia’s communist workers…

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