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Ep. 37 Freedom, with complications

Gerhard was free to go home. The train home took most of a week, all the while he wondered – what was next? Who would be left? 1,318 more words

1918 - March 4

Persian political news confusing and disturbing. Two Russian Aviation officers came to me from Baku with offers of help, but when I cross-questioned them and it came down to bed-rock it was evident they could not help me and very much needed help themselves. 52 more words

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Wrapped in the Stars

Wrapped in the Stars by Elena Mikalsen

This novel is an unexpected romance laced with a little bit of science, and placed in a stunning setting. 263 more words

Women's Fiction

1918 - February 18

Revolutionary Committee Meeting, Soldiers and Sailors all very pleasant and “comrady” and well behaved. Each questioned me in turn and tried to get me to reveal secrets and to contradict myself – I hope I got through all right. 190 more words

Middle East

'FORWARD' (Вперед) Online Newspaper of the Communist Party of Donetsk

‘FORWARD’ (Вперед) Online Newspaper of the Communist Party of Donetsk


(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

“Forward” (Вперед) is the oline newspaper of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic, which is currently represented by an electronic version. 258 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

1918 - February 17

To Enzeli. We stayed half an hour at Resht to see the consul there. He says the situation is very bad. After all this horrible snow and hills and no trees, we ran 50 miles through the most lovely country, beech forests, chestnut, cyclamen, primrose, scented violets, snowdrops, and strawberries in quantities – a lovely country. 163 more words

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