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Working Terror: From Chechnya to Syria to America

Amongst French bloggers, the call for worship by leftists for a borderless Europe is so strong that they actually like the idea of ISIS destroying borders between Iraq and Syria. 1,768 more words

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Citra Revolusi

Seri Belajar Sosialisme Ilmiah


Seperti Apakah yang Dinamakan Revolusi itu?

Revolusi itu isinya amuk-amukan, bakar-bakaran, gebuk-gebukan, pertumpahan darah. Rusuh, ngeri. Makanya, jangan sampai deh terjadi revolusi.

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It All Comes Down

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  1. “Dome and Swallows, Assumption Cathedral of the Trinity,” by Konstantin Yuon
  2. “View of Trinity Lavra,” by Konstantin Yuon
  3. “Portrait K.A.Yuon 1924, the artist’s wife,” by Konstantin Yuon…
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The Last Days With John Reed by Louise Bryant, 1920

From The Marxist Internet Archive:

Moscow, Nov. 14, 1920

Dear Max:

I knew you would want details and a story for the Liberator — but I did not have either the strength or the courage. 1,489 more words


Reds: A biopic of John Reed - Bolshevik Revolutionary Journalist, Badass and Heartbreaker

I had no idea who John Reed was until I pressed the ‘More information’ button on the remote to check out Warren Beatty’s Oscar-winning film ‘Reds.’ Then I watched it. 138 more words


Were there any problems with the Bolshevik held territory?

The Civil War and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk meant that the Bolsheviks lost lots of arable amounts and industrial resources e.g. Raw materials. Lenin therefore was faced with huge economic problems. 57 more words

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