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Russia: Lenin Remembered in 2014

On November 6th, 2014, the leader of the Communist Party of Russia – Gennady Zyuganov – together with other party members and supporters, assembled together at Lenin’s Mausoleum situated in Red Square, and respectfully laid flowers.  77 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

What The Bolshevik Women's Struggle Taught Us

When it comes to revolutionizing the liberation of women there has never been anything more important in its understanding than the struggle of the Bolshevik women during the Russian revolution. 286 more words


Understanding Adolf Hitler: MEIN KAMPH.

Hitler needs no first name.
He was Hitler!

Why should you understand Hitler?
Why would you benefit from knowing the mind of this particular man rather than the mind of say, a Russian Jew, and Marxist named… 421 more words


How Do You Hear Me?

So much can be said about Vladimir Komarov (who?) — Russian cosmonaut launched into space in the Soyuz 1, in 1967. His mission a midspace rendezvous with another spaceship, satisfying the Kremlin’s desire for a triumphant show of might, guaranteeing Bolshevik pride and the envy of the world. 342 more words

Was King George V Responsible for the Murder of the Romanovs?

Was George V indirectly to blame for the murder of his Romanov cousins?

Did he fear his own English crown would be jeopardized if he gave asylum to the Russian Tsar? 302 more words


Lenin,Loon to Idol

It is odd that Lenin, after what happened in July 1917 and with his general reputation as being slightly fanatical with his ideas, still was able to garner the support of people to follow his ideas. 148 more words


Reagan, My Fuck Puppet

These selections were featured in “Catch a Rising Fart”, “The Loud Grizzum Quarterly”, and “Entertainment Weekly”.

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Not Really A Thing… 98 more words