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'October Revolution Centennial Celebration’ rouses Metro Cebu  

CEBU CITY – Heavy rain failed to dampen the spirits of a hundred flag bearers accompanied by thousands of working people who marched the streets of Metro Cebu early evening yesterday, October 19. 607 more words

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Now there’s a surprise! Sent to Archangel in 1918, at the end of the First World War and during the Bolshevik Revolution, the troops landed in a foreign country and a civil war that they did not understand. 192 more words

Stalin's Gulags

The Bolsheviks Take The Winter Palace

it’s april 3, 1917
and the train from finland arrives in st. petersburg
and who’s aboard
but the one and only Vladimir Lenin
ready to stir some shit up… 462 more words


The Collapse of the Soviet Union

Every revolution is a spark among the world, instigating the possible collapse of centralized, governmental power far and wide. Following the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, the Soviet Union aptly spread their Communist sphere of influence across the next several decades to come, inciting a largely Western fear of Democratic instability through Communist-led terror, reform, foreign relations, and war. 2,334 more words


Red October 1917: From Petrograd to Leningrad

The writing was on the wall for the Russian royal family prior to the 1917 revolutions when their trusted confidante, licentious mystic Rasputin, was elaborately murdered at the Yusupov Palace in late 1916 (poisoned, shot, beaten and drowned). 409 more words

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Russian Revolution and Luxemburg's Approach

Even being a direct observer of the happenings in Russia and being critical of Bolshevik practice, Rosa Luxemburg could keep a far more objective and materialist understanding of the problems of the Russian Revolution, in comparison to the theo-sectarian polemics around facts and counter-facts that is being exercised today globally during the centenary celebrations. 204 more words