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Happy Show Results!

At C Turn Right, Bolt at M

Super pleased with the grey mare at her 3rd show.  Overall, she felt as if we were more together, and perhaps even a bit more forward than last time.  167 more words


Seed Saving

Growing your own vegetables, fruits, and even flowers is not only fun but also healthy and economical. While there are costs up front such as purchasing seeds, soil, and fertilizer, gardening using a sustainable approach cuts costs considerably. 408 more words


Rapeseed Starting to Bolt

We’ve had a solid week now of slightly above average temperatures and its feeling like an early spring.  The pine pollen is really falling and turning everything yellow and the rapeseed fields will also be turning yellow shortly. 273 more words


Express Train

My Chip was excellent about staying with me with one exception, out the front door. If he saw a chance to bolt, he would. He would leave town like the express train. 88 more words


The Bolters

I come from a long line of hospital Bolters, on both sides of the family. I don’t know what this says about us as a clan, or about the DNA I’ve inherited and passed on to my kids, but it’s true. 1,142 more words

Harvesting Bok Choy

Throughout the fall, we lightly pruned and harvested our bok choy crop. By mid-December, the bok choy had started to grow tall stems with flowers in the center of bunches of leaves. 212 more words

We've come a long way

Tyler started walking around 10 months old. Scratch that. Tyler started running around 10 months old. He never really walked. He would lean forward and run for as long and as fast as he could before he would stumble over his own feet and fall. 897 more words