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Lollo Rosso... in flower!

Going to seed but still lovely. Sometimes it’s good to let things go and see where they end up. What you loose in taste you get back looks.

Planks on Testing

Planks are finally on. It took a lot of planing and sanding, but they are on.

After getting the planks on I was anxious to start climbing. 796 more words

Elisa Wallace Clinic

I had a great time at the Elisa Wallace Clinic but am not going to focus much on the first day for a few reasons: A) it was flatwork day and, while difficult, I felt there were too many people in the session and I did not get as much individual attention as I would have liked and B) the boy forgot his camera battery so no pretty photos. 569 more words

Daily Life

Adventure Time: Bolting in the Crowsnest Pass

You know what’s more fun than building climbing equipment? Climbing! Especially putting up new routes or problems.

Morgan and I set out early Saturday for the emerald wall in the Crowsnest pass. 543 more words


I have officially started and planted garden for this year! I had to de-sod and hand till the whole area. I used a shovel.. it was definitely testing my grit! 301 more words


Pak Choi Blooming Signals End to Spring

Well I guess spring is over; the pak choi is blooming (or bolting as we gardeners say). I barely got to eat any, we have had so much rain here in Virginia.   186 more words


Happy Show Results!

At C Turn Right, Bolt at M

Super pleased with the grey mare at her 3rd show.  Overall, she felt as if we were more together, and perhaps even a bit more forward than last time.  167 more words