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How a Runaway Happens.

You know that feeling when a wreck is going to happen but you just can’t look away? It’s a magnetic, anxious feeling, followed by half-hearted guilt; time slows and it would feel better if you could laugh. 964 more words

Dressage/Natural Horsemanship

Some Cabbage Heads, Some Cabbage Bolts

It must be the crazy winters down south.  The temperature variations must throw the cabbage plants off.  This past winter started out with an early frozen blast, then was mild for most of the winter and then ended in another frozen blast. 223 more words

Heirloom Plants

How to Calm The Anxious Eater - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Mac has alway been very keen on food. I had to be carful when he was young, when I gave him his grain or food to be sure that he knew, unless otherwise stated, it was mine. 223 more words


Rapeseed Bolting

Rapeseed fields are beginning to bolt, meaning they’re beginning to develop reproductive structures.  It won’t be long now before these fields are covered in beautiful yellow flowers and buzzing with pollinators. 271 more words


I've Got Your Disability Awareness Right Here

March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month. As if, for one moment, we forget that there is disability in our lives…

Except sometimes, I do forget that my sons are different from other children their age. 346 more words

Special Needs Parenting Challenges

Problem solved....?

As you know from my last post, my new theory is that Wiz just needs 24/7 turn out.  Unfortunately, I can’t move until the end of March, but to test out this theory I did the following: 432 more words

Bolting after Work

What led me to pursue the dark art of developing rock climbing routes?

It began as a desire to fill the void created by my copious free time. 2,059 more words