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Harvesting Bok Choy

Throughout the fall, we lightly pruned and harvested our bok choy crop. By mid-December, the bok choy had started to grow tall stems with flowers in the center of bunches of leaves. 212 more words

We've come a long way

Tyler started walking around 10 months old. Scratch that. Tyler started running around 10 months old. He never really walked. He would lean forward and run for as long and as fast as he could before he would stumble over his own feet and fall. 897 more words


Age and Size Don't Mean Everything

Ever have those moments where even though you’re generally not a confrontational person, you feel an overwhelming urge to shove some awareness and understanding down an arrogant, know-it-all’s throat??? 513 more words


Spooked by the Weather and a Spring Pasta.

Two weeks ago I was whingeing about the cold, lack lustre Spring weather here in Melbourne. Today, as the mid afternoon temperature hits 35°C/95 °F, with a wind speed of over 50kph, I take this all back. 347 more words


Lollo Rosso... Aster?

In a supreme act of sacrifice, I allowed all of my lettuces this year to bolt, and then further allowed them to remain in the garden and take up valuable space — all so you, dear readers, could see what happens when Lollo Rosso lettuce (a red loose-leaf) flowers. 282 more words


Help! My Basil Has Bolted.

My summer lunch staple is often a meal of heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil vinaigrette. Recognizing that the lone basil plant on my window ledge wouldn’t provide enough leaves, I recently added a lush pot filled with three more basil plants. 301 more words


Garden Lingo Made Easy

Over the last couple of months I have taught garden classes  for both children and adults and have come to realize that garden terms I am so familiar with are foreign to many. 1,067 more words

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