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The one about clearing my FB backlog...

Just a couple of sites i have been saving on FB for the longest time but never got around to sharing them. Great for teaching resources. 331 more words

The Emergency Dismount

Meredith and Linda had been meeting up at 10 am every Sunday for the last 6 months in order to hack out together. There was nothing particularly different about this day, they also chose to ride the same usual trail. 978 more words


Bolting Turnip

I thought I pulled all the turnips that had overwintered but missed a few. Since they are heirloom and I could plant around them, I’m going to see if I can manage to save a few seeds. 40 more words


The Calm Through the Storms

Ever wondered about the importance of knowledge and skill? The importance of staying calm while working with horses? I can not say how many times things could have gone wrong over the years had I lost my calm while working with horses. 98 more words


Rapeseed Bolting

Its been a warm winter and the rapeseed is really starting to bolt.  We are probably 3 weeks earlier than we were last year.  That could be concerning if we get a hard freeze in the next few weeks. 205 more words

Clemson Extension

Policies on Bolting and Guiding

One of the main aims of the current committee involves standardizing and clarifying club operations. This helps us make sure that it is clear to members how the club operates, how club funds are used, and how this makes the sport more accessible to locals and visitors. 125 more words


Dealing with Anxiety

Here’s an article many of us can relate to about a mom’s experience chasing after her preteen son as he exploded with anxiety: https://medium.com/@awsamuel/an-open-letter-to-the-police-officer-who-helped-my-autistic-son-5ebb51478cc0#.jkt6fycti

Overwhelming anxiety is a common problem with our kids. 1,756 more words

Dealing With Challenging Behaviors