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So i recently watched a film on amazon prime ‘After The Dark’ which is an amazing film. Its about philosophy students final class where they discuss a hypothetical situation. 624 more words

Everything Will Be Okay With Amelia Frank

Audio By Valerie, Words By Dave

Amelia Frank has only been at the comedy game for about a year and a half. Her connection to the local comedy scene isn’t Chris Trew. 243 more words


A Bomb Shelter In China

Do you like Beijing?

That’s a question I get all the time.

My standard response is yes, I do.

That there is much to like – even love – about the city and perhaps in equal measure some things not to like. 336 more words


When 'Duck & Cover' Isn't Enough - Harold Tifft's 'Portable Shield'

Incredibly strange, but oddly sensible, Cold War shelter invention: Patent images for Harold C. Tifft’s ‘Portable Shield’ originally filed on 17 April 1956.

The bottom image shows two possible positions for the wearer: face first flush against the wall, or face first flush against the ground (or floor). 299 more words


Prague bunker is a seldom seen piece of history

Note: This post was originally posted on February 14, 2016.

It’s St. Valentine’s day, and while I think he was a great guy (most saints are) I don’t really think a holiday made up by a greetings card company is something worth celebrating. 1,796 more words


A Generation Betwixt And Between

I’m currently at work on a book set during the Second World War at it’s bought home to me just how tangible that was when I was a child. 642 more words