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The bomb shelter

I’m at the scruffy launderette on Dizengoff Square, where nothing gets properly clean. Putting your dirty clothes in the same machine as countless others’ worn clothes have been, dirty becoming clean, spinning and thrashing, entwining, coming together, pulling apart, are vaguely sexy and pleasantly disgusting. 295 more words

Japan Weighs Adding Missile Shelters as North Korea Threat Grows

Isabel Reynolds and Yuki Hagiwara report: Japan’s ruling party urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to consider building missile shelters and carrying out more evacuation drills in response to the growing threat from North Korea. 174 more words


日本のパニック! Japanese Demand for Nuclear Shelters, Purifiers Surges as North Korea Tension Mounts

TOKYO  – Kiyoshi Takenaka reports: Sales of nuclear shelters and radiation-blocking air purifiers have surged in Japan in recent weeks as North Korea has pressed ahead with missile tests in defiance of U.N. 296 more words


#1560 - Bombs Away

And let’s not forget that the president is okay to launch sixty tomahawk missiles at Syria, but God forbid we accent any refugees fleeing things like chemical attacks or anything. 11 more words

Sketch A Day

bomb shelter girl

Lately, I’ve been choking on words I could never spit out. Daydreaming my way into thoughts of you that I tell myself I shouldn’t be thinking about. 191 more words