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Stille og Rolig (it means chill). That is pretty much the epitome of Esbjerg right now, which, if you’re a missionary, is nice to a point, but you just want the work to get rolling again. 983 more words

A little story of a lonely bomb shelter long forgotten

Along the streets, in the middle of the woods, on the nearby beaches and rocks – everywhere around me there are little details that I have not noticed before. 360 more words

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A Major Selling Point

My family moved into a new house in Boise, Idaho in 1962. One of the major selling points was the fact the place had a functional bomb shelter where we could survive the Cuban missile crisis, just in case something went wrong.

Bomb Shelter

Bomb Shelter

“This is quite the bomb shelter you have going,” Tom Cunningham said to his neighbor, Arlo Reynolds.

“Thanks.  It’s been in the family for generations,” Arlo said in return.  383 more words

Twitchy - Gargleblaster Microstories #229

Eleanor finally found Howard in his bomb shelter.

Howard hugged her tightly. “You survived! Any others? Is Cleveland still standing?”

“Of course, Howie. Everyone’s fine.” 18 more words

Short Fiction

Duck and Cover

I headed to my office to begin writing my next column as the last of our summer guests backed out of the driveway. Hidden in the back of a lower cabinet drawer is a file conspicuously titled, “future column ideas.” Two solid weeks of visiting grandchildren somehow coagulated my creative juices into a mass of tapioca pudding. 624 more words