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Chapter 14: Hidden Away

Martha gave birth to two healthy twins on the night she and Bostram arrived at the stables. By day, they hid in the basement underneath the property, but by night they were free to explore the countryside on horseback; more freedom than they’d been allowed in years. 42 more words


From Shelters To Idaho Excavation Bee Safe Security Inc Is The Only One To Contact

When it comes to shelter technology there is no one better than us. When you want to be safe and comfortable in your home, there are many aspects which have to be taken into consideration. 250 more words

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The Cold War, the War on Cold and Bomb Shelters

Our home has a bomb shelter. It is downstairs in the cellar. The room is the size of a small kitchen. The door is made of thick armored steel and there is a ventilation system with an anti-gas filter. 570 more words


Today in Texas History - October 6

From the Annals of Preparedness –    In 1961, President John F. Kennedy advised American families to build bomb shelters to protect them from atomic fallout in the event of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.  243 more words

Today In Texas History

Built In Storage ( Carpentry)

During a planning for renovation you might have the tussle between to customise or buy off the shelf. This area of mine had a very awkward pillar and it didn’t serve much purpose. 290 more words

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