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Return to the Blue Lagoon Preview

“Oy, mates!” screams Alligator Steve as he hops down from Bessy and greets Rich and Poe. Apparently, in the scuffle with the gamemasters he also fell through the portal and ended up back in his homeland. 2,726 more words


Shouting After Shadows

When I started to post poems on Twitter I was, of course at that time, restricted to one hundred and forty characters. As such, the poems were extremely brief and I had to get to the anger, by which they were driven, quickly. 827 more words

Lush Collection/Faves

Hello Everyone!

I have to admit I’m quite a fan of Lush and their different products. What started off as just an interest in bath bombs has now expanded to their bubble bars, hair treatments, face masks and shower scrubs. 294 more words

Season 3 of Station 19 Ends With A BANG!

Photo credit: ABC.com

I sat in complete shock (mouth wide open and everything) as the end credits rolled in the season three finale of ABC’s Station 19. 1,063 more words


Thursday 7th May 2020

Very intense dream. I was working for the army in their Security Analytic Department – overlooking bomb threats and terrorism. (If that’s the right department for that? 593 more words


Laos, The best Communist country in the world!

Is Laos an English speaking country? What language do people speak in Laos? Where is Laos’s capital? What is the tourism in Laos like? Where is Laos on the map? 516 more words


Episode 41 - Double Cross Crimes


On this episode we cover cases of Double Crosses.

Death of Brian Wells

Two small sausage-and-pepperoni pizzas with a side of deception.

This story is paired with Dead Frog Brewery’s… 208 more words