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This inventor has a bold idea for a self-driving apartment

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Canadian innovator Charles Bombardier and his company, Imaginactive, are at it again. Recently, they released their wild idea of building Solar Express, a hypothetical space train that never stops and will transport people and cargo between celestial bodies at 1% the speed of light. 172 more words


SUMMARY: Learjet, the Bombardier business jet brand it bought (a rare deal with NO government aid or subsidies) in 1990 for $US 75 million and took on its $US 38 million debt, is soon to be sold as Bombardier struggles with light mid-size jet sales, having only delivered 6 Learjets in the 1st 6 months of 2016. The failure of the Learjet 85 and its subsequent $2.5 billion write down, sealed the fate of Learjet, which has no chance of future sales growth and is losing value year by year with an "old" product line that struggles against the Textron XLS+ and Embraer Legacy 450 in a very "soft" demand environment, where big price discounting is the weapon of choice, especially by Embraer. After 54 years, the sun will set soon on the Learjet brand that Bill Lear started in 1962 using the Swiss P-16 fighter plane as his "inspiration" for the fast Learjet 23, and his LearStar 600 mid-size business jet concept was sold to Canadair in the late 1970's, which ultimately became the CL-600 Challenger, the grand daddy of the current line of all CRJ regional jets and the current and 4th version of the 1970's Challenger, the CL-650 . The buyer may be Textron Aviation, Bombardier's competitor with its new Latitude, Longitude and eventually Hemisphere lines, as the current 2,300+ Learjets out there (many for sale) still will need continued technical and maintenance support, now worth around $+300 million a year, and could possibly fetch a maximum $375 million price tag, cash that Bombardier desperately needs to reduce its $6.8 billion debt obligations between 2018-2023, so after selling its flight training to CAE in 2015, and its CL-215/415 water bomber rights to Viking Air in June of this year (no price has been published), and now it looks like the Learjet line is next. BUT it will not be the end of Bombardier's business aviation problems, a tired and old product line (Learjets, CL-650, Global G5000/6000's) face new products from competitors with new products (Embraer Legacy 500, Falcon 8X, Textron Longitude and Hemisphere, Gulfstream G500/600) all smelling blood at troubled Bombardier.

The Learjet product line is about to end anytime soon, as Bombardier looks to sell the brand, which it bought in 1990 for $US 75 million and took on $US 38 million debt, in fact the ONLY aerospace acquisition where hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars were not involved (like Canada’s Canadair and de Havilland and Shorts in the UK). 896 more words

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Bombardier begins layoffs in effort to cut 7,000 workers

MONTREAL – Bombardier handed out pink slips Friday to aerospace employees in Montreal as part of its efforts announced in February to trim 7,000 workers over two years. 203 more words


Federal Register Highlights - 8/26/16

Unpublished, time-sensitive and proposed rules for August 26, 2016:

PROPOSED RULE: We are proposing to amend the regulations concerning the importation of fruits and vegetables to allow the importation of fresh persimmons from New Zealand into the United States. 1,779 more words

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Mark Collins - Bombardier to Sell Learjet to Cessna-Owner Textron?

This could be a sensible thing for the Canadian company to do as it focuses on its new CSeries airliner, and with not much job impact here as Lear bizjets are made in Wichita, Kansas: Cessna-maker … 10 more words

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Federal Register Highlights - 8/19/16

Unpublished, time-sensitive and proposed rules for August 19, 2016:

PROPOSED RULE: The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) proposes to amend the Agency for International Development Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR) to incorporate a warrant program for cooperating country national personal service contractors (CCN PSCs) into the regulation. 1,247 more words

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Author: Joseph Heller

Date started: 06/29/2016

Date finished: 08/17/2016

I can not stress enough all that I have been through reading this book. It is a mixture of dislike (at first), confusion (all throughout) and excitement. 59 more words