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not-so-lazy Saturday | OOTD

I’ve been up since 8:30 this morning even though it’s Saturday. It can’t really be helped since I have 3 midterms coming up in a few days and I procrastinated too much… Anyhow, I’m taking a much-needed break after studying philosophy. 193 more words


Authentic World War II Airplane Bomber Gauges

Authentic World War II Airplane Bomber Gauges

The gauges were removed from Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators, legendary heavy bombers and symbols of American power, before they were scrapped after the war. 11 more words


Blogger Rajahnique takes on Autumn 16 – and it’s all about the shine!

I love it.  The quality on the bomber is great.  The sleeves are extra long!!  
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I wore all black today because I had to usher at the ballet so I decided why not make it cute I chose these coulettes because they are flowing and comfortable enough where I can stand around all day. 47 more words


"Jesus died for our sins but he be bitter about it." - JM

That’s right, Jesus can’t contain being a bitter b, just look at this outfit, aren’t you bitter because you’re not wearing this right now?

mmm.. black as midnight? 125 more words