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Random Game Wednesdays: Super Bomberman R (Nintendo Switch)

Like many other Switch owners, Super Bomberman R was one of the first games I got for the console. It’s easy to see why too. Other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, There wasn’t really a whole lot available at launch. 780 more words

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The PC Engine Classic Mini - Part 1

With all the hype surrounding Nintendo’s recent classic mini consoles a thread appeared on the PCEngineFX forums discussing a fictional PC Engine mini and asked members what games would they like to see on it. 440 more words

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Super Bomberman R is a Fun Game

By James Daly

After years of humble instalments that felt more like mini-games than full-fledged titles, the Bomberman series has finally attempted to deliver blockbuster again with the brand new… 518 more words

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Super Bomberman R Gets New Characters & Stages In Version 1.4 Update

More content has made its way into Super Bomberman R via a new software update. Vic Viper, Simon Belmont, and Pyramid Head are now playable characters, and four new VS stages are available as well. 131 more words

REVIEW: Super Bomberman R

  • Released: 2017
  • Played on: Nintendo Switch
  • Also available on: –
  • Time to get into: 10 minutes
  • Time to complete: 5 hours
  • Multiplayer: Yes, local and online…
  • 979 more words

Super Bomberman R (Switch) Review


Bomberman lives! In his first console outing after seven years, it warms me up inside to see the white bomber back in action. Super Bomberman R… 997 more words


First Impressions: Super Bomberman R

I have finally won my first battle since I picked up Super Bomberman R a couple of days ago. It has turned out to be much harder than I had imagined for me to pick up and play. 160 more words