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Konami Reveals New Content For Super Bomberman R

We know that Konami was teasing something for Super Bomberman R fans and today they’ve decided to let us all know what is coming. The game will soon have a new Grand Prix mode and new characters in the form of Rumble Roses (Reiko Hinomoto) and Zone of the Enders (Anubis, Jehuty).  52 more words


Zone Of The Enders & Rumble Roses Characters Are Coming To Super Bomberman R

A new set of guest characters is headed to Super Bomberman R soon! These include Jehuty and Anubis from Zone of the Enders, and Reiko from… 30 more words

Let’s create video game’s music playlist – part 4 (Konami edition)

Recently, I’ve been diving into Castlevania games (and Netflix animated series) and it really struck me how amazing Castlevania’s music is. Then I said “Hey, Konami’s games have good music in general!”. 390 more words

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This Day in Video Game History – September 1st, 1998 – Bomberman Hero Released

A Bomberman game of a different kind was released on this day in history.

Bomberman Hero, developed by Hudson Soft and published by Nintendo, was released on the Nintendo 64 in North America on September 1st, 1998. 85 more words

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Random Game Wednesdays: Super Bomberman R (Nintendo Switch)

Like many other Switch owners, Super Bomberman R was one of the first games I got for the console. It’s easy to see why too. Other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, There wasn’t really a whole lot available at launch. 780 more words

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The PC Engine Classic Mini - Part 1

With all the hype surrounding Nintendo’s recent classic mini consoles a thread appeared on the PCEngineFX forums discussing a fictional PC Engine mini and asked members what games would they like to see on it. 440 more words

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Super Bomberman R is a Fun Game

By James Daly

After years of humble instalments that felt more like mini-games than full-fledged titles, the Bomberman series has finally attempted to deliver blockbuster again with the brand new… 518 more words

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