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Power Bomberman

Ah, Bomberman, one of the classic multiplayer experiences that strained friendships and tested rivalries. If you don’t know the torment of turning around and finding yourself trapped by a large comically oversized bomb while your friends laugh manically at your impending demise, then you haven’t… 557 more words


The N64 Chronicles Part 2: Bomberman 64

Ah, Bomberman 64. I got this game with my N64 for Christmas in 1997, alongside the staple game Super Mario 64. I recall popping it into my console that evening just to check it out for a moment. 890 more words


BEELZEBAB: Birthdays, Brighton & Bomberman

It’s been a wild ride for the past two years since Beelzebab launched itself onto the Brighton street-food scene, after head honcho Luke returned from a trip to Berlin and was inspired to start his own vegan food business. 325 more words


Super Smash Flash 2- Bomberman Features

It is of great joy for action-loving gamer to finally be able to access Super Smash Flash 2, popularly known as SSF2, on Furg games… 406 more words


Fashion Spotlight: Drinking Buddies, The Ultimate Bomb, Go Lion Force!

Ript Apparel has three new designs! Drinking Buddies, The Ultimate Bomb, and Go Lion Force!, by Charlie8090, TechraNova, and GordonBdesigns, are on sale today only! … 65 more words


Why Put a Radio Station in Borneo?

Encounter IX opens with Central State astronomical archaeology underclassman Robert Cotter asleep at his keyboard. All around him, jungle vines and skittering creatures close in and slowly crumble the ancient stone, concrete, glass, and electrical wiring of what was once one of Earth’s greatest achievements: B.L.A.T.S., or the Borneo Large Array Telemetry Satellite. 321 more words