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Let's Talk About Mega Bomberman

Mega Bomberman isn’t exactly the most lauded of Bombermans despite it’s laudable moniker. I mean, think about it. Being super is pretty sweet but being mega sounds altogether rather exciting. 1,901 more words


Bomberman is the Bomb-Diggity

A few video games have stayed with me throughout my life. Characters like Mario and Link have always been a part of my world. As a kid, there were some other characters that I loved just as much. 487 more words


My Top 5 Favorite Classic Video Games

Long before the advent of technologically-advanced video games, there are already those classic video games (some are even older than most of us, btw) which are considered to be the start of the modern-era gaming. 709 more words


Bomber Clash

Play Free Online Bomber Clash Game.
Player 1: WASD to move and H to place bombs. Player 2: Arrow keys to move and L to place bombs.

Bomberman 64 Review

In the early years of the N64/Playstation era, many of gaming’s classic franchises were getting 3D overhauls. In 1997, Hudson Soft’s Bomberman made the jump to the new dimension on the Nintendo 64 with the aptly-named Bomberman 64. 657 more words

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My Top 5 Characters For Super Smash Bros.

As the Smash Ballot is still open I thought I would weigh in my opinions as to who I would like as DLC in the New Super Smash Bros. 516 more words


Retro Game Friday: Bomberman 64

This week for Retro Game Friday I’m covering a game I rather enjoyed as a kid. It’s Bomberman 64!

Plot Synopsis:¬†In the game’s opening sequence, a peaceful-looking planet with gardens, rivers, and residential buildings abound is shown. 220 more words