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Chapter 97 - Bomberman

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Encountering a monster from the fourth floor.

It was the self-destructing little devil, and there was only one of them. 1,708 more words

Super Bomberman R Update 2.0 Adds New Mode

Konami has released a new update for Super Bomberman R that adds a new “Grand Prix” battle mode as well as additional characters… 317 more words


Grand Prix, New Characters, & More Added To Super Bomberman R

A new batch of content has made its way to Super Bomberman R in the Ver. 2.0 update! Additions include the new “Grand Prix” Battle Mode, 10 new playable characters, 9 new accessories, balance changes, and more. 301 more words

Super Bomberman Update adds 3v3 Mode, New World, Angles for eSports

Super Bomberman R, or as the press release would have me put it, SUPER BOMBERMAN R, was a surprise hit on the Nintendo Switch. Launching with the console in March of 2017 and selling over half a million copies by April, the game has been a major competitive success for Nintendo’s little tablet that could. 397 more words


Konami Reveals New Content For Super Bomberman R

We know that Konami was teasing something for Super Bomberman R fans and today they’ve decided to let us all know what is coming. The game will soon have a new Grand Prix mode and new characters in the form of Rumble Roses (Reiko Hinomoto) and Zone of the Enders (Anubis, Jehuty).  52 more words


Zone Of The Enders & Rumble Roses Characters Are Coming To Super Bomberman R

A new set of guest characters is headed to Super Bomberman R soon! These include Jehuty and Anubis from Zone of the Enders, and Reiko from… 30 more words

Let’s create video game’s music playlist – part 4 (Konami edition)

Recently, I’ve been diving into Castlevania games (and Netflix animated series) and it really struck me how amazing Castlevania’s music is. Then I said “Hey, Konami’s games have good music in general!”. 390 more words

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