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Why Put a Radio Station in Borneo?

Encounter IX opens with Central State astronomical archaeology underclassman Robert Cotter asleep at his keyboard. All around him, jungle vines and skittering creatures close in and slowly crumble the ancient stone, concrete, glass, and electrical wiring of what was once one of Earth’s greatest achievements: B.L.A.T.S., or the Borneo Large Array Telemetry Satellite. 321 more words


Entering the Deathmatch: Knight Squad

It is difficult to capture the nostalgia and appeal of multi-player party games. I mean, there’s something to be said about sitting up into the late hours of the evening on a caffeine-fueled gamefest blowing each other up (or ruining each other as ghosts) in Bomberman, threatening each other over stealing stars in Mario Party, calling out the camper with a sword in the Halo franchise, or physically kicking the jerk that ALWAYS plays Oddjob in Goldeneye. 1,677 more words


200-in-1 T.V. Game Cartridge

Hello everyone! I recently got this neat 200-in-1 multicart. Here it is:

Well, the first thing you’ll notice about it is that it’s way bigger than a standard Famicom cartridge. 1,213 more words


It’s Bomberman!

Made in Paint.NET.


FOTO/ Bombermani shqiptar foto me krerët e politikës, i akuzuar për të gjitha atentatet me tritol

Deputeti i PS, Taulant Balla duke folur në Parlament, në kushtet kur opozita ka bllokuar foltoren e Parlamentit, tha se Basha ka pozuar me një person të akuzuar për mina me telekomandë. 110 more words