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Bomberman (Boost)

Bomberman will give you a volume boost in the signal, so you have to two options putting it in your pedalboard. You can put it before your Overdrive/Disotortion to make it sound thicker and saturated or after the Overdrive/Distortion to get the exact same tone but more LOUDER. 123 more words

Hidden Gems: Felix The Cat On NES/ Famicom

How many of you out there have played this game ??? Better still how many of you even knew it existed in the first place ?? 662 more words


Game Review: Knight Squad (Xbox One)

Knight Squad is a bit of a throwback game borrowing elements from some old-school titles like Gauntlet & Bomberman.

A party game best enjoyed with a group of friends, you can control 1 of 8 knights whose only real distinction is their colour. 267 more words

The Disc

25 Years, 25 Games #1: Super Bomberman

I decided to ease myself into this 25 Years, 25 SNES Games project with Super Bomberman. More so than any other game on my list, this one I knew what I getting going in.   570 more words

Video Games

Super B-Daman Green Bomberman

Before the OS Gear gimmick, Super B-Daman toys were even simpler and were based on the Bomberman games. The main gimmick of the series was the Convert System where unlike even older Bomberman-shaped toys, you could separate these into several parts to allow for limited customisability. 459 more words


The Insanely Addictive Party Game Knight Squad Is On Xbox One Today, Its Free On Games With Gold This Month!

Knight Squad, the frantic and (loosely) medieval-themed party game by Chainsawesome Games, is out today and ready to pep up your next social gathering with top-down arena madness. 131 more words


Knight Squad Is Finally Breaking Free From Early Access

Chainsawesome Games has revealed that Knight Squad, medieval-themed party game for up to eight players, will go into full launch November 16 on PC and Xbox One. 181 more words