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Can Nintendo finally Switch us on?

They’ve only gone and bloody done it. At stupid o’clock in the morning (4am) UK time, on 13th January 2017, Nintendo finally revealed many juicy details about their forthcoming new console, Switch. 3,047 more words


Pixel2017 – Episode 15 – Bomberman

The prompt for the day is Bomberman. To that end, I’ve portrayed the most distinct feeling this game has ever imparted to me, regardless of version (trivia: my most played Bomberman game is Atomic Bomberman on the PC, but my first one is the original on the NES… can you believe that game came out 23 years ago?). 42 more words

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Nintendo Switch: Not A Change But A Consolidation

Following Nintendo’s Thursday night presentation on the Switch, I don’t see its upcoming console as a really significant change for the company. What I see is a consolidation of just about everything Nintendo has been doing over roughly the past decade. 894 more words


Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017: Super Bomberman R

Nintendo has updated their official Youtube channel with a trailer for a new game in the Bomberman franchise. The game will be titled “, Super Bomberman R,”  54 more words

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Editorial - On behalf of 'Super Bomberman R'

I want to take a moment to bring attention to a recently announced Nintendo Switch game, ‘Super Bomberman R’.

It has been seven years since a Bomberman title was last released on a home console. 418 more words