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Laos - Phonsovan, Plain of Jars

I was reading about this mystery place or better yet mysterious jars close to a soviet like town called Phonsovan.

From Luang Prabang they squeezed us into a tiny minivan which wasn’t too bad, but I was really strugling with where to put my head, how to stretch my legs and how to arch my back to make myself as comfortable as possible. 980 more words


Bombies! 'Nana Cream

Bombies is a small but highly reputable vendor out of Los Angeles. From their flagship line of All Day Vapes, ’Nana cream lives up to the name of its brethren; mild enough to hit all day but nuanced enough to not get bland after a while. 318 more words


'nana Cream - Bombies

‘sup! A brand here I hadn’t heard of before, but love the name, it’s Bombies! I purchased this (and also got a free bottle today lol) from the very nice person at  229 more words

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Bombs into bangles

If you’ve ever been to Carnac and seen the military ranks of standing stones stretching away into the distance you will find the Plain of Jars in Laos eerily familiar. 416 more words