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Choosing Real

Authentic: of undisputed origin; genuine.

synonyms: real, bona fide, true, genuine

Four years ago I started a blog where I found something blissful to talk about every day. 458 more words

Be Real

Farm Life on Ometepe

There is an island that sits in the middle of Lake Nicaragua called Ometepe. Two large peaks call this island home and stand to greet us as we board the ferry. 1,126 more words



I’m kidnapped by fantasy, tortured by its sweet pleasures that can be only treasured by the mind. I’m in a moment where there’s no momentum neither collisions to distract, or obstruct my daylight robbery thoughts….It was a sunny day with clear skies  and I was captured by the blazing light of the sun, by just a twinkle, the speed of light had taken me into the far ends of the world, only thoughts can reach, it was pleasing to the eyes, just luxurious. 93 more words

Bona Fide

So, You Want To Start Strength Training?

(Disclaimer: if you have NEVER wanted to strength train…this weeks blog post isn’t for you.  You gotta make your own decisions. Tune in next week.) 1,446 more words

Bona Fide

My country in two dimensions.

It is such a beautiful land we are living in, beauty beyond description. Words are mere bubbles of water to can become an attribute. It is a land diffused with diverse creatures, beautiful mountains and the calming sounds of the ocean. 230 more words

Why I Needed A Break From Instagram

It’s not you, Instagram. It’s me. 100% me.

I got rid of Instagram for two reasons.

Number 1: I was spending too much time on the damn app.  1,124 more words

Bona Fide

First off, what is “bona fide?” Bona fide as an adjective means genuine, and as an adverb it means without intention to deceive.  And, that is exactly my goal with this blog.   392 more words

Bona Fide