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Fredag och champagneglas!

Äntligen fredag! Och plötsligt händer det – vi har fått in fyra kupade champagneglas till butiken! Öppet till 18 idag. Välkomna!


Käramell - a very special candy shop in Paris

You must know I love eating. And sports, which helps me staying at a normal weigh.

But I really love eating, like I remember in high school, I would go with my friends to the Pizza Hut restaurant and we would have these “eat as many pizza slices as possible” contests (for lunchtime, there was the “all-you-can-eat” menu). 209 more words


Carré Confiseries & Vegan Candies

A little-known fact about me is that I am a candy expert. Weird, huh? The reason for my extensive candy knowledge is that I worked at a candy store all through my college years. 852 more words


crème fraîche ginger-almond bonbons

Hi! At it with another ice cream project :) And I think this is probably the best base made in my kitchen so far! It’s lightly sweet, creamy, and has the tanginess like the original tart flavor you’d find at frozen yogurt shops, but just rich enough. 442 more words


Super Chocolatey Flake Cupcakes!

Over the weekend I had an old friend come to stay and to celebrate our little reunion we decided to bake ourselves some little flake cakes as a treat… 435 more words


Ham Stock, Bonbons, and Pea Plants

This was supposed to be my “meat free dinner”.

I was just going to cheat a little bit and use the ham stock to cook the split peas – it totally would have counted! 801 more words


Snart fyller Bonbons 1 år!

Hurra! Snart fyller Bonbons 1 år! Det kommer vi fira med pompa och ståt nästa lördag i butiken.

Mer info om dagen kommer (det kommer bli magiskt) men boka in den 11 april redan nu!