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Bond 50 Home Video Set

For 50 years, Ian Fleming’s James Bond character has emulated style, bravado, special skills, and, most of all, the best gadget gear in the world. The recently released… 1,157 more words

Michael Siebenaler

Confessions of a Nerd Shopaholic

Once upon a time, when I was a little lad, I, like most of America, headed to the mall on Black Friday. It was an experience like no other. 322 more words


50 Years Of James Bond: The Movie

I recently discovered a great James Bond video on YouTube that I had to share with you. Below is the official description and the video. Enjoy! 175 more words

Michael Cavacini

Licence To Kill (1989)

Hot on the heels of the generally fine but flawed The Living Daylights, comes Timothy Dalton’s second and sadly last outing as secret agent James Bond (that said, some hardcore Bond fans may have some cause to consider Dalton as never truly being Bond, particularly in this vengeance-themed story- he’s hardly doing his duty for his country here, its all strictly personal and contrary to orders). 405 more words


The Living Daylights (1987)

Progressing through the Bond 50 set, I’ve finally, at long last, reached the two films that I’ve never seen but have been curious about for many years- the two entries starring Timothy Dalton as James Bond. 919 more words


A View to a Kill (1985)

So we finally come to A View to a Kill as I work my way through the Bond 50 boxset. I would like to say it was a neglected entry in the Bond series, a flawed film with surprising redeeming features. 638 more words


The 2013 Oscars in review

So, the Oscars are over. I am not going to discuss the winners, or the losers. That’s for people who don’t care. I address the Oscars as someone who likes film, enjoys going out to the movies, and thinks the Academy Awards are for people with giants sticks… well, you get the idea. 1,018 more words