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007 Magazine out with issue, calendars in December

007 Magazine is bringing out an issue and two 2018 Bond-themed calendars this month.

The issue concerns exhibitor pressbooks released in the United States to promote the first decade of James Bond films. 109 more words

James Bond Films

Bond...James Bond

Well everyone, we’ve done it. We’re at the end of our Bondathon. We’ve journeyed through the 24 canonical films in the EON franchise, one insane Sean Connery knock-off, a parody, a weird televised artifact, some comics, and a book. 3,958 more words

Reel Talk

The Evolution of the Bond Girls

I would like to thank Maddy for asking me to take part in her 007 blogathon. James Bond is a cinematic hero of mine so this seemed like a no brainer. 1,804 more words

James Bond

Bond Girls post for 007 Blogathon

Greetings, Glancers. Just a quick update for now – I’m taking part in a 007 Blogathon which is being hosted over at Maddylovesherclassicfilms – check out the link if you wish to take part. 152 more words


Ranking The Bond Women -Introduction

Chauvinism ahoy! Following on from my ridiculously unpopular Bond Songs ranking posts I thought I would move on to even more misguided waters by listing all of the women who appear in Bond movies. 497 more words