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MOM and DAD – The Knot’s Essence!

Marriage is an enriching experience where two families get together, not just the bride and the groom, but everyone, heart of heart and mind in mind, bridging the differences into one integrated family! 457 more words

Best Of My Life


this is the house that i lived in when we met. it was as deep as it is wide. i was in dragonfly pajamas and an oversized t-shirt, no make up, summer afternoon. 45 more words


Bail Bond Company - Rush Bail Bonds Columbiana

Bail Bond Company Columbiana, AL. Everyone makes mistakes. Chances are if you’re visiting our website, you or someone you love dearly is in jail, charged with a crime they may or may not have committed. 61 more words

Bail Bond Company - Rush Bail Bonds Huntsville

Bail Bond Company Huntsville, AL. Everyone has a story. Getting arrested is often a chapter in life, no one ever expects to experience. It’s a scary and uncertain time. 88 more words

Bail Bond Company - Rush Bail Bonds Birmingham

Bail Bond Company: Birmingham, AL. It’s early in the morning and you’ve just be startled out of a deep sleep with a collect phone call from the jail. 92 more words


We were close
Young and naive
Innocently whimsical
Faithful maybe
Loyal perhaps
We lived and loved
And even enjoyed
Gossips for breakfast
Laughter for lunch… 48 more words


Paper brachiasaurus

Lately Nadia has been taking the lead on a lot of art, craft ideas. Here is a paper dinosaur from her favorite book.

Draw, fold, cut… 20 more words