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#DFH #51

Dear future husband,

My parents get back today. They’ve been on vacay in China for the passed month.

I have this thing where upon fetching them, I make a “welcome home poster”. 191 more words


2016 Retirement Accounts Review

It’s tax season and this is a good time to review how my retirement accounts performed last year. I have a 401k (traditional and Roth) plan through my current company, a rollover traditional IRA from my previous company and a Roth IRA that I opened over a decade ago on my own. 162 more words


Chicken + Spinach Gluten Free Pasta

J & I made the most delicious pasta dish, I really enjoyed this, there was a lot of flavour. And, you could really taste everything that was added to this dish. 237 more words


Wall Street is getting one of its biggest calls of the year all wrong

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

It’s only March 27, but Wall Street is already getting one of its biggest calls of the year all wrong: The death of the bull market in bonds. 309 more words

Money Matters

#396 Bonding with the 'Godfather'

Ooooh, scary huh. Just the way the words ‘Godfather’ seem to evoke images of a suited figure arising from the shadows, with his posse of dark assistants ready to ‘take care’ of your ‘requests.’ 223 more words


Hedging. Part 3. Futures Contract.


The futures price F(t0, t*, T) is given by

F(t0, t*, T) = E = ∫DAe-∫t*Tdx f(t*, x) = F(t0, t*, T) exp {ΩF (t0, t*, T) —– (1) 470 more words


So, what is the best Bond film? The results are in!

Following a momentous date to watch SPECTRE at the end of 2015, the Newsome sisters embarked on one of the greatest challenges in the history of cinema. 849 more words