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The Bond

The bond is something that is mentioned frequently when discussing guide dogs. But what is it exactly? What does it consist of? How does it form? 1,199 more words


The modulation of your voice soothes the words into my mind,

gentle nudges that become understanding; a pause to let me ponder

before you begin again. 60 more words


To have and to hold

Come what may there is a bond
Locked at inception, when
Metamorphosing Energy conceives
A corporeal body, ethereal consciousness

An impalpable spirit, both
Predetermined to serve each other… 206 more words

Aurora Kastanias

Unofficially Yours

Tangled hair, red eyes, broken heart and lost soul with endless confusions running in her mind. All she could see was fog outside the window and inside her life. 832 more words


The Secret Pantry

Not all things are as they seem, some
are quite the opposite. I know because I
have experienced that miraculous
opposite myself. See I am Kenya and… 29 more words

Some Colors

Some colors are Freedom,

Some are Beauty,

Some are faces,

Other ones are love, adventure, music, dream, and hope

And some colors are just “Home”