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It Breaks My Heart 

I can’t believe it’s over. Three entire years slipped away, just like that.

During FVHS’s 2016-2017 Girls tennis banquet yesterday, some of my fellow teammates and I surprised the seniors with a speech, video, and flowers. 145 more words


Trust. Truth.

Five letter words that can create a  bond between two people, hoping that all they do is tell the truth. Hoping that what comes out of their mouth is true and won’t hurt you. 186 more words


No Love is greater than mom's love

“Me: Mom, I got a new job”

“Mom: Ok, but how will you commute? Will you get a cab for home pickup and drop?”

“Me: Mumma, at least congratulate me first” 361 more words

#290 I know her, and she is my best friend

I am grateful that I know my baby girl. Not just know her, in the way that you know someone’s eyes, the way they walk, their favourite show or even how they sleep on the same side every night. 300 more words


You will always be my angel 

It was 4.30 am ,ringtone of cell phone broke the silence of dawn.

Her heartbeat skipped a beat ,the anxiety ,the restlessness she was feeling from evening and now this early morning phone call from papa . 604 more words


A 'serious hangover' is about to hit the bond market

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The bond market is about to have a wicked headache.

According to the fixed income strategists at Societe Generale, a structural shift is coming for the bond market that will end the multi-year run up in the price of debt. 592 more words

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