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Don’t say love.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.

Don’t give me nicknames. Don’t buy me birthday presents. Don’t take me stargazing. Just don’t. 31 more words



My heart’s racing
maybe it’s happening
I can’t tell
my eyes are closed
I think I’m falling
for you
But I remember the others
not seeing the truth until… 105 more words



My mind and heart always return to you,
in your absence my heart splits in two.
Time and experience claims it is farewell,
but I hope that I’m the one my story to tell. 54 more words


Bond changes land case in court

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Making bond is sometimes the only thing that stands between a suspect and being released from jail.

Sometimes, when bonds are high, coming up with the 10% you have to pay can be difficult. 282 more words


Here's Wonderwall!

It’s not the long nights and the pringles can

nor the long rides and walks and skips and dances.

It’s not the painful reality checks and the eager longing of numbness, 127 more words

Local Ads

It’s not the high
but the colour of your face
when you tell me that
my existence is meaningless
and that life ends
with an obituary in the local newspapers

Psychological ways to bond

So there are ways to ensure you bond with your crush. These are like short-cuts to getting an emotional bond off the ground :