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The Bucket List, Bondi Sydney

After spending New Years Eve in New York City, Lex and I were desperate to catch a bit of the Aussie summer and head down to Bondi Beach on the weekend. 490 more words


Some Quality Bondi(ng) Time

The bed was basically heaven after having spent the previous night sleeping on the airplane. We both had a very good sleep. We wanted to get our day going early, but our phones held us back. 1,211 more words



it’s not often someone can take a picture of my face that doesn’t make me cringe so i’m going to document this somewhere (here). my lovely pal took these while i was visiting australia. 6 more words

Our Disastrous Day One

Your first day should never be your best day so that your following experiences can only be improvements–this is what we told ourselves to feel better about our disastrous first day. 910 more words


The Flight

Please be advised that all entries are written on very limited sleep and wifi…

Haley and I met up at YVR International Airport for our first flight of the trip. 2,030 more words


Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk

One of the many reasons people seem to love Sydney is because of it’s coast line and the beaches that are so accessible from the city. 71 more words


4th February - Sydney, Australia

The weather is abysmal, the wild wind blows a blustering gale, rattling the windows and swaying the trees, pushing the grey rain-filled clouds across the sky. 278 more words