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starting to bond....

Getting children to get along and bond I think is one of the toughest jobs of a parent. DS was around 26 months when DD was born and he loved looking at her and trying to pick her up. 253 more words


If anyone can make a decision, it’s you Simon

Simon. Hello.

Of course, you don’t know who I am. Of course, I do know who you are.

I’ve seen you on the box loads of times, but I must admit since baby Eric came along I’ve been paying a lot more attention to you. 479 more words


Day 1: Bringing Your Sugar Glider Home

Congratulations! You’re now the new owner of an adorable bundle of sugar. Your cage is all set up, your diet is made, you have a stash of scented blankets prepped & you’re ready to start bonding with your new sugar glider. 406 more words


Familiar Scents: Making Fleece Scent Blankets For Bonding With Your Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are very scent-oriented animals & they form strong bonds through scent familiarity. In the wild, the dominant colony member ensures all colony members are marked as family through “scent marking”, which involves vigorously rubbing his scent glands on all his property. 371 more words


Sibling bonding

It’s amazing how in the short space of 19 months how much of a bond can take place between brother and sister.
When DD was born DS was more concerned about exploring the room we were in and the present his grandpa brought him than the new addition to the family! 74 more words

Family Life

Tips and Tricks for Making Meal Time Better

In my last post, I shared the mental health benefits of sharing meals together.  As promised in that post, this week I would like to share some practical tips for improving meal times. 1,004 more words