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Mother vs Father

When my son was born I have immediately encouraged my husband to bond with him. It is not easy for a parent to manage work and parenting. 296 more words

For The Daddies

Get closer. Have a "WE" time.

“If conversation was the lyrics, laughter was the music, making time spent together a melody, that could be replayed over and over without getting stale.” – Nicholas Sparks…

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Life & Wellness

Date in dreamland

Twenty four hours in the day 
is the time I must wait 
until I can have you 
in my arms again 
that’s what I anticipate  89 more words


My grandfather

The heaven downpoured itself on your decease 
As if the sky itself shared my grief 

For months, the almighty saw you writhe 
The cure was not to be, and so  82 more words


So I’m not the only one!

(The photo is from bing images as we can’t take photos of our special sailors)

My eleven year old grandson was a little anxious at the idea of accompanying me to my volunteer sailing. 472 more words


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Eight

The past several days have yielded some pretty cool conversations with my spouse. I know when you’re friends, then dating, and then engaged you talk about things. 158 more words

The Power of Bonds

In this picture one can see the bonding of the dipole molecule water, H2o. This reaction is an oxidation where four hydrogen atoms (or two hydrogen molecules) bond with two oxygen atoms  (or one oxygen molecule) to form two water molecules. 100 more words