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Video: Plasma Surface Treatment for Better and Lower Cost Cleaning & Bonding

Active microfluidic devices, sensors and implantable devices often require a specific binding property or binding capacity in order to change reactions with an environment or biological fluid  The most common systems utilize specific functional groups such as amine, hydroxyl, or carboxyl for conjugation to protein, molecule, integrin, or adhesive component.   117 more words



It was 6:43AM when my niece came into my room this morning. I heard her before she even came in, and could tell she was nervous because she knows I like to enjoy every minute of my sleep. 209 more words


Fun activity of reading A Clock

2 days ago in the morning before Reuven going to school, He is so excited about reading time the moment he woke up. I guess must be the reason of the new clock we chosen and yesterday it was on our wall. 318 more words

Exploring New Dimensions.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are neither the products of the author’s imagination nor used in a fictitious manner. 2,158 more words

【愛的傳承 • 換季前調理身體 】





~by 天B媽♥

Find us on Facebook: Natural Love Infant Massage



Find us on Facebook: Natural Love Infant Massage


The Zen of Jesus

Upon waking up to the reality that self-serving does not bring joy, the seeker after comfort tends to a superficial sampling of religious wisdom. The sophisticated teacher needs to avoid becoming involved in blame-shifting for the seeker’s miserable state. 732 more words


Fiercely Devoted Forever

My dad taught me loyalty and faithfulness. It is a lesson he lived and I learned his lesson through watching. Only a few lessons did he give up as words of wisdom. 309 more words