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Fathers today take an increasingly active interest in the care and nurturing of their infants. However, men often feel dissatisfied with their ability to form this meaningful relationship. 1,188 more words


Night Help after Baby

Is this a real thing? Getting someone to come in at night to help you with your baby after you go home from the hospital? I never heard of this or even thought of such a thing until I seen a lady in a group looking for night help to come help her sleep train her 6-week-old babies. 877 more words

Quality Time

if there is one thing i’ve learned about being a parent it is that your child needs a lot of attention and one-on-one time. but sometimes you get so caught up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 241 more words



The conflicts of my life
I’m a blabber mouth 
Yet I know only too well
If I tell it won’t happen 

Silly to believe you say… 59 more words


Where For Art Thou, Oxytocin?

I attended an “understanding women” course put in by women 10+ years ago. Very enlightening in many ways. One topic that I learmed about was the bonding hormone, Oxytocin. 171 more words


Love Thy Neighbor

I have lived in my neighborhood (do you call it a neighborhood when you live in the country or is it called a community or an area?) for almost 28 years.   809 more words

Musings For A New Year 2017

Freshmen build friendships

The freshman class piled into the auditorium on Jan. 11 to participate in a day full of activities with classmates both familiar and unfamiliar. Freshmen Challenge acts as a way for ninth graders to branch out and bond with their class. 456 more words