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The kind of energy you feel when you are with someone who is on the same page as you. Everything they say makes perfect sense. You allow each other to just be. 138 more words

Do we hug enough?

A mother’s instinct when a baby or child is distressed is to hug. It’s automatic. But we also hug when we’re happy and whenever she comes home from school. 82 more words


Shared Interests: The Nerd Life

It’s easy to describe the total agony of being in love (as the little boy in Love Actually so eloquently put it), but who’s to say that’s the best place to begin? 268 more words


Time Together or Missed Opportunity

I had an opportunity to pick up an extra shift today at work but ended up turning it down. I leave early tomorrow morning for a week so I wanted to have the day off to spend with my husband and dogs. 138 more words

The Importance of Skin Stimulation for Babies

Skin Stimulation Is Important for Mammals

Skin sensitivity is the earliest-developed and most fundamental functions of the body. Nurturing stimulation of the skin is, in fact, essential for adequate organic and psychological development, both for animals and for human beings. 1,916 more words


Nov 26-27 2016

We just celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday at Tagaytay, and since it’s a golden year celebration, why not celebrate it in a wonderful way in an awesome place? 338 more words


Bonding with your child - Story

(Source: www.schoolbag.sg)

Retired principal Mrs Jenny Yeo shares some parent-child bonding tips.

Children turn to their parents for guidance only if they have their parents’ unconditional love. 617 more words

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