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Love. Love can mean so many things to so many people. There are so many different kinds of love as well, for example, you wouldn’t love your significant other in the same way you love your parents. 212 more words


Simply Put . . . Moms Matter

It had been one of those stormy, wintery days where the snow had been swirling for hours and the wind had been building large drifts against the back door.   850 more words


What I Should Say To My Parents

When I was a little girl, you used to dress me in those floral dolly dresses, with a matching bonnet and sandles. I used to feel like a princess and made sure everyone around me knew it. 439 more words


25 Reasons It's Great Having Siblings

  • They’re always around to socialise with
  • Which means there’s no chance of getting bored
  • Or Lonely
  • There is always someone to turn to when things seem grey…
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My International Women’s Day post: A gender for parenting

It’s International Women’s Day again! Last year I griped about the career prospect inequalities for women and I am pleased to say that although it’s not exactly “all change at the top”, I think that the world is waking up to women in the workplace and the agenda for change here has started rolling into place. 1,635 more words



I was in the supermarket last week doing my shopping. As I walked down the aisle that contained baking items, I saw two teenagers, a girl, who was around 15  and a boy, presumably her brother,  around 13. 402 more words

Everyday Moments

Mexico with MAD acadamy

For MAD, all 3 grades had the opportunity to travel to Mexico to build homes for families that are struggling to provide housing for their children. 184 more words