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Time Well Spent: Why Family Bonding Matters

Family bonding time is not just another expense in terms of time, effort, and cost. It is a wise investment because it builds fun and loving relationships among members of the family. 211 more words


Day 27: Long free day.


Its been a really really long time since I last posted anything here. Here’s what happen, the day after my last post, I got home really late and was really really tired so I’m like “maybe I should just post something tomorrow”. 814 more words


See The World on Your Terms

Have you ever wondered how or when you would get the opportunity to travel more? Well wonder no more. What you will see next is the best way to empower your family and travel more. 23 more words


Please welcome Don Ortolano to #BeREALationships.

Where did this relationship between brothers start? Well, actually, it started before my younger brother, Robert, was even born. 1,303 more words



A single flower can be my garden

A single friend can be my world


"A bond- Undefined"

Childhood was beautiful. Childhood was sweet. Do you remember how simple it was to make friends? To trust them? We resolved our differences with gifting a chocolate; 742 more words


Our Daughter

When I first heard of you I was in awe. Surprise would be an understatement. Then, finally I met you and my heart melted. This beautiful bundle of joy, so tiny, so fragile, so precious. 190 more words