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Project Veritas: A Brave Insider Blows Whistle on Google

Must see! Real election meddling and collusion at Google revealed. “Not going to let Trump happen again”


Iran all night and day- couldn't get away

They huffed, and they puffed, but they just couldn’t blow the resistance to war in Syria down. After years of red lines in sand, dubious poison gas incidents, and finally, a skeptical Commander in Chief- it is apparent the military industrial complex (MIC) has pivoted to a new foe- old foe Iran. 578 more words


paint your wagon

The doomsday clock is two minutes to midnite. Everywhere we see tragedy, disasters, corruption… what can I/me- one person- possibly do to make any kind of meaningful difference in a time such as this? 523 more words


mass breakdown

Psalms 37:32-  The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him.

We managed to make it approximately 190 years before these mass murders became as frequent as they have for the past 50. 897 more words


letting it go

“Resentments are like butterflies we keep in a box, locked-up tight” it was being explained to me. “You have to visualize opening the box and bringing the butterfly out. 681 more words


we're #1!

I was talking with my son recently and we were discussing the new “Avengers: Endgame” movie- the “top-grossing” movie of all time. Since I haven’t seen it and have no plans to, it was that lofty status I was trying to understand. 528 more words