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Forming Stronger Bonds with People at Work

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The pressure of tight deadlines and the pace of technology mean that fewer Americans are finding friendship in the workplace. But connecting with others at work shouldn’t be a nice to have. 1,249 more words

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They play their roles
throughout the day,
some defined
some extempore,

Donning different faces
often, at simultaneous times,
answering each calling voice’s
self serving roll call, 82 more words


Bond refunding returns annual savings to city

The City of Ontario will be receiving approximately $37,000 a year in its water and wastewater funds, once two bonds used to help pay for past water and wastewater improvements are refinanced. 35 more words

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What Healthy Black Love Looks Like

If we are being real, we know way too many people–that is if we are not one of them–who are in unhealthy relationships. They stay in the name of love, but are hella miserable. 351 more words


Caution on ‘buy bonds now while supplies last’

Most people don’t expect high-pressure sales tactics when buying long-term corporate bonds. There usually isn’t a guy in a goofy jacket waving around a handful of certificates yelling that you have to buy now while supplies last. 899 more words


Should Rate Hikes Worry You?

This past week the Bank of Canada raised interest rates by another quarter point or 0.25%. That small change didn’t seem like much, but the Bank of Canada prime rate now sits at a measely 1.25%. 1,230 more words

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Bloomberg's Cudmore Stands By His Call: "The Dollar Is In A Multi-Year Down Trend"

This week on Erik Townsend’s MacroVoices podcast, Bloomberg macro strategist Mark Cudmore (a frequent contributor to ZeroHedge) and Townsend discussed last week’s “lower low” in the US dollar index and what this means for the near-term future of the greenback – a trade that will have profound ramifications for financial markets. 1,810 more words