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The Best Post-Paddle Protein Drink

Three months ago, I finally decided to join an outrigger team. It’s an ass kicking workout with 5 other people in a skinny boat powered by aloha spirit! 849 more words


3 weeks in!

Tomorrow is the end of week 3. And I’m doing much better than I ever thought I would at this stage. It’s so nice to have variation of meals from my norm, and I’m getting used to having the bone broth and fermented veggies and good fats. 553 more words


Cast Iron Chicken

Kyle and I work Monday through Friday.  He works mornings through early evenings, and I work early evenings and into the night.  We both work in restaurants.   659 more words


Kyle's Stock

I cannot stress the importance of home-made stock (or as we trendy AIP and Paleo kids like to say bone broth).  It is a necessity for the creations of delicious, rich food.   321 more words


Trends: Bone Broth

From detox water and green smoothies to bone broth. Wait, what? Yes, bone broth. A trend coming from New York where you drink bone broth like a coffee to go. 195 more words


First Day - Getting it all sorted

So this fine Monday is the first day in my 30 day yoga and plant based eating challenge. I’m so exited to see what changes will follow from my new regime. 336 more words


Super Easy Homemade Bone Broth

The latest word to hit the food world is ‘bone broth’ which most people will just think of as good old stock (beef/ chicken). There is a small difference between the 2 because bone broth is supposed to have less salt in it so that you can drink it on its own as a hot drink. 690 more words