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Healthy Heaven in my Hometown: Primal Kitchen Restaurant comes to South Bend, IN!

I still remember when I saw the Instagram post announcing that the first EVER Primal Kitchen Restaurant locations in Southern California and . . . South Bend, Indiana. 1,041 more words


Beef, Bone Broth, & Superfood Chili.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in the mood for Chili. No matter the season, I always think a bowl of piping hot, meaty chili sounds a-ok! 295 more words

Karl’s Chicken Bone Broth Chili Bean Soup

I roasted a chicken with the express intent of having a carcass to make bone broth later in the week. When the kids decided not to come for dinner, I was left with more than the usual amount of leftovers. 946 more words


bone broth.

When I was sick, I started to drink bone broth as a way to heal my gut. It has so many amazing benefits for your body and is an excellent source of collagen, glutamine, proline, glycine, minerals and electrolytes. 88 more words

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Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks

This is one of my go-to recipes that’s great for the restricted phase of the SIBO diet. To make this dish I recommend using a slow cooker, you’ll need to make the bone broth first as it’s used in the beef cheeks recipe. 505 more words

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Bone Broth

I love ramen noodles, I’m talking about the those prepackaged noodles that are dirt cheap. I know you have seen them and probably ate them once in your life.  257 more words


Bone Broth - Taking it to the Next Level

There are probably a gazillion recipes on the internet for Bone Broth but I can’t help but think my own version is the best.  It’s definitely one of the darkest, richest broths I’ve seen and I can personally attest to the rich flavor.  639 more words