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On Fertility Health...

This road to mommy hood is long. Not arduous, at least for my husband and I so far. We have just been doing what needs to be done without overly thinking about it, or overly assessing it. 2,003 more words

Two Week Wait

Turkey Meatballs & Meatball Soup

I love a good meatball soup.  These meatballs are easy, quick and tasty…a trifecta.

Turkey Meatballs

Pro-biotic Jell-O, anyone? + Protease discussion

The Background

I found some packages of Jell-O lying around. Gelatin is an incredible collagen-based nutrient for the body regarding tissue repair. Have you ever made a bone broth, and put it in the fridge, only to find that much of it had solidified into a gel (and it liquifies again when heated)? 404 more words


Salvation Music

There is a two-hour Bruce Jenner special on ABC tonight. It’s called Farewell to Bruce and I hope to God he reveals that he wants to be called Kim. 583 more words

Why we need Bone Broth

And how to make it……


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Making bone broth is easy and inexpensive.  You will need to collect chicken bones from cooking but you can find beef bones at the grocery. 548 more words

Lower Carb Paleo Crock Pot Beef Stew

After the hard work of a big holiday meal, keep it simple and use that crockpot! Making a cream gravy from the drippings/juices can add the extra fat needed for you “ket kids” out there. 244 more words


Chicken Bone Broth with Galangal, Ginger and Turmeric

This cooking adventure was prompted by a dear friend needing recipes for foods that are nutritious and easy on the stomach. I immediately thought of bone broth and set to work. 258 more words

Gluten Free