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When Springtime throws you a Wintry Day

Springtime in the Pacific Northwest is never predictable. Last week my five-year old and I met friends at the beach for a sunny day that satisfied my Vitamin D craving, and more; today, the sky is characteristic grey, a cold wind is making the leaves shimmy, and I think it may rain. 783 more words


Feed a Cold

I was a sickly winter baby, or something. I lived with my family in a windswept house on a hill in southwest Oklahoma. We had a fireplace for heat (well, and lots of quilts). 1,056 more words

Home made Bone Broth Recipe

Hi!  Kate here.  One of my favorite things to make is Bone Broth.  I remember every year at Thanksgiving, and only on Thanksgiving, my Mom would take the turkey carcass toss it into a pot, add some water, a bunch of other ingredients of which I never paid attention to at the time, and magically a few hours later we enjoyed her famous Leaf Soup.  738 more words


Managing Baby's Eczema

I have two kids. Yes, both of them have allergies and eczema. We made all of our mistakes with our first and he suffered, so we’re using what we have learned to manage our second baby’s eczema. 788 more words


Stock or Bone Broth or Bone Stock or ...

I love making ‘broth.’ Using chicken or turkey carcasses gets me all excited because I get to feel like a mad scientist for 24 hours and I even get to use cheese cloth for straining! 1,083 more words

Mum Moments

Bone Broth

When you buy your meat by the side or butcher your own chickens you end up with bones, lots of them. We pressure can all our own stock and it’s really simple; boil the carcass and vegetables a bit, strain and can. 353 more words

Kitchen Fun

Bone Broth

Kun tässä kohta alan lihaliemen keittoon, tuli mieleen tännekin ilmaista, millaista soppaa tässä jo pari kertaa on tullut tehtyä. Tavan herkkua tuokin.

Olen nyt siis alkuvuoden mittaan eri lähteistään siitä kuullut, miten hyödyllistä ja terveellistä onkaan tuo jo ikiaikoja sitten ensiavuksi niin moneen vaivaan tarjottu “taikaliemi”. 223 more words