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Five Slimming Super-foods

The one indisputable thing that has to be done in an effort to stay slim and lean, is that the body must burn its excess fat. 1,361 more words

Bone Broth Gazpacho

I’m a soup gal. I like to eat it everyday, sometimes several times a day. Lately, however, it’s been so hot, I haven’t been drawn to soup. 103 more words

Eat Local Movement

Bread Lover's Quest to Go Grain-Free (with bone broth?)

I think I’m going to make it a goal to mention the word pancakes in every post. That way you will truly understand the importance they played in my life just 6 months ago. 1,377 more words


Days 10-14

The best part of the last few days?  We found bacon!!!!

My husband and I had searched high and low for AIP-friendly bacon. We tried our local supermarket, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, our local natural food store, and Market Basket.  517 more words


Why are you so tired? part two

The stages of adrenal fatigue

“My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass” ~Leslie Grimutter

The initial stage of “Alarm” 1,093 more words


3 Steps to Younger Skin - Step 2

The key to firm and youthful skin lies in healthy collagen and muscle mass in both the body and the face. The structural protein collagen can be retained and protected by diet and supplementation, and muscle mass can be retained and strengthened by the right type of exercise. 386 more words

Latest Health Trends

New, and innovative ideas for staying healthy by getting fit, and eating right, are always a popular topic. This year is no exception for turning out the newest health trends to help you achieve your goal. 520 more words