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3 ways to keep your bones dense, strong and flexible!

Eat Well for your Bones

The one food that does this best for us is, Old Fashioned Bone Broth. It provides a variety of bioavailable minerals and has a high collagen content. 202 more words

Beef Chuck Roast - Three Meals

As I constantly state, I buy organic.  I want the best food products, since the beef in the supermarket is fed soy and corn, genetically modified, and these are not their natural foods.  332 more words


Homemade Lamb Stock

One of the habits I picked up after working in the restaurant business is freezing all of my food scraps to use in stocks. Onion pieces and skins, carrot ends and peels, celery leaves and stalks, as well as other miscellaneous vegetable parts go straight into a freezer bag where they will remain until I have enough to make a broth. 171 more words


Mulligatawny Soup with Butternut Squash

If I’m keeping things simple, I’ll turn leftover chicken into a soup with rice and vegetables.  With this soup recipe, I’ve added the classic Indian spices along with sweet butternut squash.   295 more words


Bolyard's Meat and Provisions (and Bone Broth)

I usually do a pretty good job of meal planning. Pretty good, but not great. Yesterday was one of the not great days. In fairness, I did have a plan. 515 more words


Healing Bone Broth

1 Qt Mason Jar for Storage Utilizing every part of the chicken

(Recipe derived (and slightly altered) from Nourishing Traditions)


1 Whole, Thawed Chicken (Support your neighborhood farmers! 587 more words

Bone Broth

You Don’t Eat Dairy? How Do You Get Your Calcium Then?

I gave up dairy a few years ago when I found out I was intolerant to it.  Whenever somebody finds out that I don’t eat or drink it anymore, I inevitably get asked ‘but where do you get your calcium from then?’  A fair question and one that I too asked as I think it was always drummed into me as a kid to drink milk and eat cheese to get calcium.  641 more words