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The End or the Start of a New Beginning?

I’m lying on my bed resting my legs & watching the sunset outside my bedroom window. It is stunning & although I’m in pain, it lifts my spirits & makes me feel very blessed to be alive. 868 more words

Broken Femur

Bigger isn't always better

Bigger isn’t always better in life.

I’m not talking about weight size or the size of your bank balance or home, I’m talking about bigger bones. 1,056 more words

Broken Femur

Joy in the Morning

I have just had the night from hell. Pain has soared through every bone, muscle & joint in my body.

I woke from a deep sleep screaming at 2am, causing my husband to jolt upright & run to my side. 385 more words

Bone DIsease

A Leap Too Far

A week ago I posted a picture on Facebook of my first outing on my mobility scooter to our local Westfield Shopping Centre. It was a momentous occasion. 796 more words

Bone DIsease


I’m sure if you are reading a blog posted by me you already know more about me that you probably would like too. (I’m an over sharer sorry not sorry!!!) But starting these blog post have been something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. 1,048 more words

Blank Calendar Days

As I muse this morning about my day ahead, it’s a blank page. Most of my days are a blank page. I need to live this way. 518 more words

There is Something Good in Every Day

There is something good in every day.

Is there? Is that even a possible concept for those of us who have chronic illness?

The initial response from the chronic illness community is likely to be a resounding “No”. 594 more words

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