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There is Something Good in Every Day

There is something good in every day.

Is there? Is that even a possible concept for those of us who have chronic illness?

The initial response from the chronic illness community is likely to be a resounding “No”. 594 more words

Broken Femur

Scientists turn bones transparent to let them see into marrow

Now you see it, now you don’t: Scientists have used a chemical technique to make mouse bones turn transparent. The technique has been used in the past to make brains and kidneys see-through, but this marks the first time it’s been used in hard tissues. 200 more words

A Spoonful of Strength

Living with a chronic disease reminds me a little of some of my previous plane trips. I’d start off full of nervous anticipation with a little fear of what lay ahead once on board. 681 more words

Acts of Kindness

Living with a Chronic Disease, can at times, feel isolating and an ongoing test of endurance. You never know what great mountain awaits you when you first open your eyes every morning. 615 more words

That Person

It dawned on me this morning that I am “that person”.

I was thinking about the many times in my life I’ve seen people struggling with disabilities at the shops, cafes, church, concerts, the theatre. 352 more words

Life in my phone!

When I was working my husband always used to stir me about having my iPhone strapped to my ear almost 24/7. He wasn’t exaggerating either! 922 more words

Bone DIsease

Now or Never Philosophy

I have a “Now or Never” philopsophy that sometimes gets me into trouble.

Living with a physical disability involves a lot of pain, lack of mobility & extreme fatigue a lot of the time. 186 more words