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A Break of a Different Kind

I left my Orthopaedic Surgeons office yesterday with a spring in my step which is quite an achievement on two crutches.

I have been given a leave pass. 210 more words

Broken Femur


Today I am literally stuck! Stuck upstairs until tomorrow morning at the earliest.


My stair lift (affectionately called shifty) decided last night that it needed a holiday from lugging me up & downstairs all day & it just stopped. 438 more words

Bone DIsease

A Changing Course

I’m having a reflective kind of day. I’ve had a few medical appointments this week and we are making changes to a couple of Rheumatoid Arthritis medications plus lowering my Hormone Replacement Therapy, to see if anything is impacting my bone disease. 148 more words

Trying to Reduce the Uncertainty Surrounding Phosphorus BindersĀ 

I would wager that pound-for-pound, there is no drug with less solid outcome-based data than phosphorus binders. We are aware that phosphorus binders do an acceptable job of lowering the serum phosphorus in the face of kidney failure. 913 more words


Sun Pharma, Ranbaxy medical reps called for talks

The management of Sunshine Pharmaceutic Market sectors continues to be questioned from the office in the asst manual work commissioner, Maharashtra, into the future over for the conversation about March 18 with healthcare associates (MRs) of the erstwhile Ranbaxy Labs, so it experienced acquired. 155 more words

Sun enters vaccine space with dengue shot

Sun’s rays Prescription drugs offers joined your vaccinations organization by having an antidote for all those a number of serotypes associated with dengue.

The business will establish this kind of vaccine on shift with the International Heart regarding Hereditary Architectural and also Biotechnology transmitted of the company’s obvious. 422 more words

Republican voters slam party establishment's criticism of Donald Trump

A lot of your Republican voters have got condemned the particular get together establishment’s continuing complaint of presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a new poll. 242 more words