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Children's Hospital--The Best Place to Count Your Blessings

Well, we’re here, again. It’s been almost 8 years since Carson’s last cleft surgery, but 8 years is still not long enough. Those memories flood back on you, and you have to fight that punched-in-the-gut feeling. 415 more words

Opening The Door On Clefts

3D-Printed Hyperelastic Bone Is Like Duct Tape For Bone Surgeons

Hyperelastic bone is a new artificial biomaterial that can be 3D-printed and implanted into the body, where it will eventually be replaced by real bone. It’s flexible and has a shelf-life of around a year, but even better it’s dead easy to use and doesn’t typically cause rejection by the host body. 158 more words


I suck

Since my previous medication was making my headache significantly worse, my neurologist prescribed me something totally different: Memantine (or Namenda) which is used to treat Alzheimer Disease… It’s unofficially also given to patients with OCD, anxiety, bipolar disorders… So it’s quite interesting, and I’m curious if it’ll do me any good. 196 more words

“Adequate” Amount of Graft Boosts Success in Foot/Ankle Fusion

A therapeutic Level II study by DiGiovanni et al.  in the August 3, 2016 edition of The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery examined the relationship between successful foot/ankle fusions and the amount of graft material used.  224 more words


Latest consultation

Yesterday I went to see an orthopedic surgeon to discuss the images of my latest MRI and CT scan. My right knee has been hurting ridiculously much lately. 358 more words

Patient-Specific Guides with a Custom Implant: Is This a Practical Solution?

Joseph Zuckerman, MD

Read complete study: A patient Specific guide for Optimizing custom made glenoid implantation in cases of severe glenoid defects.

These authors studied the ability to implant a custom glenoid component in 10 cadaver glenoids with glenoid defects using patient-specific guides and traditional non-guided techniques. 551 more words

Bone Graft Surgery in Dental Tourism

Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of treatments and procedures for individuals seeking improved dental structure and help. Dental bone implants, dental implants types, and cosmetic dentistry bonding are some of the most popular procedures performed today. 269 more words