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His Strength Amazes Me

My son never ceases to amaze me with his strength, courage and bravery.  As part of the preparations for his pending Bone Graft surgery, he needed to have 3 teeth pulled – from the front over to his eye tooth.  244 more words

Cleft Journey - Bone Graft Prep

The next step for our son is to have his Bone Graft surgery.  The intent of this surgery is to repair the cleft in his gum line, providing it the strength to support his adult teeth.  319 more words

Were You Injured by a Medtronic INFUSE® Bone Graft?

The Medtronic INFUSE® Bone Graft is used to help regrow damaged bone tissue and replace damaged spinal discs. The INFUSE® Bone Graft system has been linked to severe, and sometimes life-threatening, injuries. 417 more words

Our Cleft Journey - Part Two

We recently attended the annual Cleft Clinic with our oldest son. At this clinic, we get an opportunity to see all of the Specialists involved with him, as well as go through where he has been, how he has done, his current progress and where we will go next. 349 more words

3D Printing Moves from Metal to “Real” Bone

OrthoBuzz has reported previously on the 3D printing of implantable skeletal structures (click here for an example), but the materials used were metallic. Now, two new accomplishments with 3D printing have produced material that mimics the physiochemical properties and porous structure of real bone. 125 more words


What is a Bone Implant?

A bone implant or graft is a surgical procedure which is used to fix problems related to bones or joints in order to repair bone fractures that are extremely complicated, pose a significant health risk to the patient or sometimes it fails to heal properly. 623 more words

Bone Graft

Upper jaw lift surgery, bone graft

Is it  chilly in the morning and evening?

Read a story of upper jaw lift surgery.

Currently, it is prior to the implant surgery.
It looks like front teeth but ,, problem was both back teeth. 261 more words