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My Experience With Cheilectomy (Foot Surgery)

A few weeks ago, I underwent a procedure to remove bone spurs that had developed around my big toe joint.  My orthopedic surgeon advised that the joint is over 50% arthritic, and the cartilage that protects my bones from rubbing against one another is basically gone.   1,169 more words


Happy Monday

So, I woke up and have decided that the cortisone shot worked somewhat for my knee. I’m doing the walk across Tennessee challenge and the bone spur in my knee is NOT going to stop me. 783 more words

And My Saga Continues

For those of you who have read my blog, you know that I deal with chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, a pineal gland cyst, insomnia, fatigue and chronic pain. 393 more words

Bone spurs, free calcium and Dementia

Free calcium can be of the factors that can cause Alzheimer’s diseases and Dementia. In the presence of free or unbound calcium, the absorbable calcium needed by 90% of our cells cannot work to heal our cells and be absorbed by our cells as they are blocked by free calcium. 1,024 more words

Trump's Redline

I have spent a lot of time writing about Robert Mueller but honestly I know very little about the man. Here is a quick biographical sketch I found about him; … 519 more words

Donald Trump