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Another Jacksonian Age, For Better or Worse

President Andrew Jackson is back in the news again, despite being dead the past 172 years, this time around because of President Donald Trump. Jackson’s portrait has been given a prominent place in Trump’s Oval Office, Trump took the opportunity of a trip to Nashville this week to lay a wreath at Jackson’s home, and the current president frequently makes a point of comparing himself to his rough-hewn and populist predecessor. 1,208 more words


War of the Foot

I don’t remember the exact date when skirmishes with the foot turned into all-out war. One of the ‘major’ skirmishes happened back in 2012, when the main antagonist was Achilles Tendinitis. 725 more words


Arm is acting wonky today

From time to time (beginning two years ago) my right arm will start acting wonky: it will twitch, the fingers will start closing on their own, etc. 91 more words

When Things Pile Up

This has been a rough six weeks and it is not over yet.

The end of June Gene’s shoulder suddenly got very, very painful. Extreme would be a better description.   453 more words

Medical Adventures

Remedy: Hekla Lava

I would like to share some information about this very useful remedy, Hekla (or Hecla) Lava.

While mental/emotional symptoms are not fully explored, one could consider the… 203 more words

Oh, My Aching Feet...

Many people commonly suffer with foot problems. But did you know Women have 4 TIMES more foot problems than Men? Any guess to why that would be? 445 more words

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Spurs, spurs, everywhere

I went to the podiatrist today.

It’s very hard for me to actively seek medical care. I think there are a lot of factors involved in that. 971 more words