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Ben's Diary: I Wore Skinny Jeans For the First Time and Nothing Happened

Dear Diary,

This past weekend I wore skinny jeans for the first time and nothing happened.

To properly tell this story, we’re going to have to go back, way back, all the way to the BIG BANG.  547 more words


Daddy Issues | Sometimes a song about a boner is just a song about a boner

“We’re feminist women who write about what we like or what we think is funny.”

INDYWeek | March 4, 2015


Episode 4: a Visual Guide

Let’s start with the clothes, SHALL WE? Geillis’ clothes are always better than Claire’s. From knitwear…

To formal wear…

Claire’s lackeys: who would you rather do? 276 more words


Red Russian Kale


The other day we are out and about running errands (grocery shopping for the week). The list included kale. So at Sprouts we were perusing the produce section and realized they didn’t have any green kale, only Red Russian kale. 179 more words


To the land of unaccessible Clashes


If you have ever thought about restoring your iPad, you may want to do a quick web search on the proper procedures to ensure you don’t lose valuable information, such as your level 95 Clash of Clans account. 255 more words


Meet The Poor Sucker Who Claims He Only Has 100 Boners Left Before His Penis Breaks For Good

Here’s a story that’s ripe for yet another one of Tom Haverford’s “would you rather” questions. What medical news would you rather hear: You’ve got 100 days to live, or you’ll ostensibly live out a normal lifespan? 609 more words

Web Culture

Celluloid Skeletons - Episode 1: Sean Connery/Zardoz

Everyone has guilty secrets, embarrassing things we wish we’d never done. Well, like the dirty muck-rakers that we are, we’ve decided to start a podcast looking at the cringe-worthy, weird and plain forgotten films in the back catalogues of famous actors. 167 more words