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“You can talk to me, if you want,” she offered, leaving a breakfast tray on his desk. “I’ve been told I’m real friendly!”

“Thanks,” he replied, quietly. 1,089 more words

15 Men On How Many Times They Get Hard Throughout The Day

1. “I couldn’t keep track even if I tried. Because it’s not just a horniness thing. I get boners, even when there’s nothing sexual on my mind. 605 more words

Mysteries Of The Male Body: 24 Women Ask The Questions They've Been Dying To Ask

Found on AskReddit.

1. Why are some guys’ butt cheeks bare and some hairy?

“Why are some guys’ butt cheeks bare and some hairy? Like pants made of body hair.” 1,105 more words

Slaughter – House V(five (5))

Great American Scifi Novels.

Now remember y’all, this shit is important. So important, someone needed to inscribe this on a board in the middle of the Utah desert.

You're Naked

You’re naked under your clothes

So am I

Maybe you’re wet sometimes

Maybe I’m hiding a boner
We’re all naked and already here