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It Takes a Village

Tiny is asleep and all I really want to do is eat ice cream and watch season one of Wet Hot American Summer; but alas, there are dishes to be done, laundries to be folded and tubal ligations to be researched. 331 more words


Channeling Gushy Design Boner Energies

Hello + Dearest Salutations.

This post starts with a real life story. I have just started working for an artist who has an AMAZING studio and sense of style. 634 more words

‘ Luvy , I think I’m going to buy a parrot ‘

‘ Pimp them full of Love ! ‘

Shut the Door, Open a Window. Or Multiple Windows?

The fist time I heard the phrase “Shut the door and open a window” was when I was teaching. The idea, for those who aren’t familiar, is to enforce a rule and make some kind of opportunity to redeem or move on. 423 more words

the DuckFace blues…