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Things I'm liking: Jon Ronson's 'The Butterfly Effect'

Jon Ronson is one of my favorite nonfiction authors. He is the type of guy that I think I could be friends with. Smart, soft-spoken, and interested in all the same weird and esoteric stuff I love. 1,123 more words



“Did you need anything else?”

She paused. Their meeting had not been productive, and she was frustrated. He was not the warmest person to begin with, and while she was pleased with his slow withdrawal from Vietnam, she was exhausted by just about everything else. 1,149 more words

Awkward Erections: 25 Men Discuss The Most Embarrassing Public Boners Of Their Lives

Found on AskReddit.

1. At my uncle’s funeral. My cousin looks really hot when she is crying. Yes. I’m going to hell.

“At my uncle’s funeral. 2,998 more words


“You can talk to me, if you want,” she offered, leaving a breakfast tray on his desk. “I’ve been told I’m real friendly!”

“Thanks,” he replied, quietly. 1,089 more words

15 Men On How Many Times They Get Hard Throughout The Day

1. “I couldn’t keep track even if I tried. Because it’s not just a horniness thing. I get boners, even when there’s nothing sexual on my mind. 605 more words

Mysteries Of The Male Body: 24 Women Ask The Questions They've Been Dying To Ask

Found on AskReddit.

1. Why are some guys’ butt cheeks bare and some hairy?

“Why are some guys’ butt cheeks bare and some hairy? Like pants made of body hair.” 1,105 more words