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Taylor Bingaman showing off Bones' new Rough Rider wheels

There’s a new wheel formula from Bones Wheels that will literally get you rolling upon rougher terrain without much hassle. A hammered ditch, a weathered schoolyard, a backyard pool with chipped plaster, a hardpacked dirt trail and more are all skateable canvases with their Rough Riders.


Brad Mcclain going ham for Bones Wheels

Check out Brad Mcclain going absolutely nuts for his Bones SPF Collection. Pure beast mode!


Kevin Kowalski's Bones pro wheels release

Kevin Kowalski’s BONES WHEELS Pro wheel release featuring a 54 and 56mm 84B Skatepark Formula.


Alex Morin in the park for Bones Wheels

Alex Morin gets busy in the park with his new set of Bones Wheels. Crushing it.


Bones Wheels Spanish team new riders: welcome video - SPAIN

The Spanish Bones distributor Sport 2002 presents some new riders of the Bones Wheels Spanish team with a new video. Check it out!

the new riders are: … 13 more words