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Guilt is in my bones,


in every step I take.


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Spine flexibility helps cheetahs reach top speeds

Cheetahs are the ultimate sprinters among large land animals, reaching bursts of up to about 110 kph (~68mph) and unbeaten as the fastest living runner on the planet. 268 more words

Anatomy Snippet

We are learning about Skeleton!

On a Science classes we learnt about bones. I started with showing the kids small model of skeleton. I passed it to the kids and let them look and touch it. 81 more words


A new darkness stirs within...

As a writer I sometimes struggle to write and other times it just falls out of me.  Sometimes I wonder where what I write about comes from.   95 more words

Kait King Author

The City on the Edge of Forever is legendary in the Star Trek community. In fact, I would venture that if you aren’t a Star Trek fan and have heard the name of one episode (that isn’t The Trouble With Tribbles), it’s The City on the Edge of Forever. 1,458 more words

Blog post #11

Hi my lovelies!

So, like I said in my last blog post (if you haven’t read it, go check it out!) I weighed myself as soon as I woke up, and I assumed correctly. 261 more words


The Museum of Osteology, Oklahoma City

Interior of the Museum of Osteology (my photo)

The Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City is a small private museum devoted to bones and skeletons. Specimens in the museum (over 300 skeletons and 400 skulls) were collected by Jay Villemarette, a skeleton fanatic who appears to have found his niche in life during childhood. 98 more words