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A-Z Challenge Surnames Z


I’m sure I’m not the only one during this challenge that has no Z surnames. I must confess I do have one- but it’s a person who married into our family in the 1600s in Italy and I have ziltch, zero, zip information on this person so I guess it’s pointless to talk about them. 428 more words


Who’s Afraid of Jack Hodgins, and also serial killers?

(All credit to backshootingford for that gem of a title.)

I’m baaaaaaaaack.

(When does that cease to be clever, when I end up using it twice a year when I resurrect this blog?) 6,077 more words


Bones and Features of the Skull

Bones and Features of the Skull

See Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology , Martini, 9th Ed, pp. 200-216 and The Anatomy Coloring Book, Kapit and Elson 3rd, pp. 359 more words

Lab Protocols

Disarticulated Bones of the Skull

Disarticulated Bones of the Skull

On this page is a variety of images of disarticulated bones of the skull and a few images of associations of articulated bones of the skull. 68 more words



Part 1

Part 2


She screamed, rushing out of the bushes, and throwing herself into the pathway, just as the kid swung the knife. That’s when she felt something sharp slide over her chest. 826 more words



Giant ground sloth (Megatherium) at the National Museum of Scotland. Synthetic bokeh from multiple perspectives, made up of a sum across perspective coordinates (u,v) with shifted image coordinates (x,y). 31 more words

Seeing (Photos And Such)

So a Cowboy Came Knockin' On My Soul's Door | Pondering Over Bebop's Final Goodbye

This is NOT an analytical piece. This is a raw and unfiltered self-meditation, as I find writing with no aim nor external audience in mind to be rather calming and self-satisfying. 2,700 more words