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GREEN THUMB: This Bong Is Made From Ice, Shut Up And Take My Money!

I think we can all agree that bongs have their ups and downs. On the one hand they can get you to whole new levels of medicated, while on the other hand they can often be dirty, smelly, hard to clean, and easily broken. 398 more words

Fuck 'n Right

Carpet bong the swine

I have spent the last two hours wondering how to write about the lighter side of terrorism. It’s proving harder than you might imagine. A couple of beers usually help to ease the flow of ideas. 1,075 more words

Ben Trovato


Who doesnt love discounts?
Who else of my followers loves some herb?
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That One Time I Didn't Get High...

Because all the posts with the title “That One Time…” are always great and all my friends laugh. So here’s one for ALL of you to laugh at… And maybe help me understand… 1,086 more words

Catarina's Fun Adventures

Guy Who Used Bong As Intended Dies Instantly


Rule #1: Do not call them “bongs.” They are water filtration pipes. They shall be referred to as such. Anyone referring to them as the former will be permanently removed from the premises in which said water filtration pipes are sold. 298 more words

How a Small Event can Turn out to be a Good PR Exercise?

Public Realtions means building good relations with your public. Public, here can be your audience, followers, and customers. Well, I am not going to start a lesson on public relations now.

607 more words
True Story

The Mother of all Mayhems!

As a true-blue Bengali it would be considered sacrilege if I don’t write at least one detailed thesis on the significance of Durga Puja in our… 1,082 more words