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New Study Confirms Marijuana Use Up Drastically in Workforce — U.S. Marijuana Party of Kentucky

Cully Stimson / @cullystimson / October 12, 2016 / comments This November, there are a record number of ballot initiatives in at least nine states regarding so-called medical marijuana or outright legalization of the Schedule I drug.

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The New MacGyver Proves His Bong Skills On Kevin Klein Live

Actor Lucas Till has been a member of the X-men, a Russian spy, and pretended to be in love with Miley Cyrus. Now he’s tackling another tough part, the title role in the new… 102 more words


Marijuana (miss you)

Smoking you was like heaven,
As if I rolled a lucky 7,
You were better than praying to a God who never answers

As I packed in my apple bong, 74 more words


Hunger At Maternal Waiting Homes In Liberia

Bong County – Investigation conducted at maternal waiting homes in Liberia reveals that hunger remains a major challenge faced by pregnant women. These homes were constructed as part of Liberia’s effort to strengthen its healthcare system. 897 more words


Strength of Medicine

What’s awesome about having lab-tested Cannabis is that you can see what the THC percentage is, as well as the CBD percentage.  When you know the percentage, you can gauge what kinds of things you can still accomplish while medicated on certain flower strains. 576 more words


Cleaning Your Tools

I prefer my pieces to be sparkling and clean, just like my home.  The best solution I have found to clean my water bong and 1-hitter is to use a rubbing alcohol and table salt mixture.   172 more words