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523 Pastizzi Café – The Italian local we wish was a bit closer to home

Pastizzi. They make a mess sure, dropping crumbs everywhere, but they’re crunchy, tasty and obviously really good for you. Basically, they’re just Italian sausage rolls. With more flavours maybe. 796 more words


The Beginning of the Addiciton

When I met Tony, I was young. Carefree. And pissed off at the world. I hated my mother for filing for divorce, even though I knew she was doing the right thing. 514 more words


Part3: Calcutta Diaries…

Hello, Welcome back after quite a some time. If you haven’t read part1 and its sequel yet, read before proceeding to this final edition of Calcutta Diaries… 1,031 more words


NimbinVap 4.0 7 in 1 Vaporizer Multitool

The Nimbin vaporizer multitool by australian company NimbinVap is definitely the most versatile smoking device and vaporizer(!) on the market! There are more than seven ways to use your NimbinVap. 373 more words


How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bong

Originally published in SPOOK Magazine. 

Tuesday night, 9.30pm. I’m wearing a pair of thermal underpants as pants. The thermal underpants have a hole in the crotch so I am wearing actual underpants underneath the thermal underpants. 1,283 more words