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To my Pomelo

Bong and I have been the best of friends since high school. I can hardly recall the first conversation we have ever had, but I remember we were getting along great, and our teacher decided to change up the seating arrangement as I was talking in class too much with the guy next to me. 625 more words


Bong O'Clock? 

Well Vinny was back on the stove again on Tuesday. He promised to keep his cooking time down after last times antics. 2 hours and 30 minutes he took last time for a 3 course meal. 361 more words

Weed Wednesday 1/3/17

Never lose your weed again 😂 pic.twitter.com/paZLPRpVVL

— Marijuana (@Marijuana) January 4, 2017

F-ing Crazy: Britain Has Reclassified CBD Oil as Medicine. Meanwhile, U.S. Doubles Down on Grouping It With Heroin!

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My Body Truth

Top 6 Devices You Should Smoke Cannabis From On Every Occasion

It’s no secret that Marijuana Smokers all over the world smoke out of different and sometimes too elaborate devices. In reality, no one smoking device is the right choice for every situation. 638 more words

Fasta – Fast Pasta In 5 Minutes, Shio Ba Mee At South Beach Avenue

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”Fasta Fasta…” This is what your boss will tell you always, or when you need to hurry your friend for the bus/train/plane. 364 more words


5 Tips On How To Take A Perfect Bong Rip

Taking a perfect bong rip is an easy way to tell how experienced you are at smoking the ganja. Taking a perfect bong rip all depends on how much you are comfortable smoking with. 506 more words

Strain Review: Blue Dream

Blue dream-
I grabbed an eighth of blue dream recently, and I’m stoked to tell you all about it. This is a pretty well known medicinal strain and I’m already a big fan. 457 more words