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Nathan Cassidy goes forward to the past with Back to the Future & sucked a bong

“If you really wanted to live dangerously,” I told Malcolm Hardee Award nominated comedian Nathan Cassidy, “you should have booked your Edinburgh Fringe show into the Cowgatehead venue.” 1,626 more words


New cheech bong, first hit!

I’ve finally purchased a sturdy glass bong from a wonderful little shop in Saint John called Mister Music. They sell amazing clothes, music, and art. They also have a huge selection of papers and pipes. 152 more words


dirty bath and icy bong

When you type, it’s like fucking, fast and dirty and satisfying, and she wasn’t going to be doing that either these days. She tried to handwrite a story, handwrite her story, love her story, but the pencil didn’t make words. 790 more words

Short Story

So I started a weed blog.

I wasn’t expecting to be doing this. I write in other places, and I thought I’d be talking about my weed experiments in those places, but friends urged me to keep it quiet for now, and I can definitely see their point. 208 more words


Charge: Mom Let Little Boy Drink from Sippy Cup Made into Meth Bong

According to Fox 28, a Pierce County mother is facing an assault charge after she let her 13-month-old son drink out of a sippy cup that had been converted into a bong for smoking meth, prosecutors say. 252 more words


Sativa, Indica, Kush, Bong – My Little Asian Genie http://bit.ly/1IssH0I