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If you play the bongos naked at night never say sorry ( Mc Conaughery)


The 56th book in the Elementary Explorer series, Bongos covers the physical characteristics,  life, habitat, behavior, and conservation of bongos.

Vocabulary: chamber, critically endangered, decline, endangered, extinct, grazing, herbivore, keratin, nutrient, observed, poacher, prehensile, skittish, wade


511. midnight ravers

“Dedicated to old friend James who got badly traumatized by all the hippies who dominated his camp the summer he spent tree planting. All they ever wanted to do after a long day’s work was smoke their brains and listen to… 58 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

I Am A Poor Girl Too

Just for fun.

But the message is sincere.


I haven’t much to give,


For one minute of your life, you got this.


Life Chatter

The boy and the bongos

If you were to wander around my house you would stumble, perhaps even literally, across a pair of aged, tatty bongos.

Perhaps implausibly, given that there are two people in their forties (who occasionally get naked) living in my house, this is… 297 more words




Time to keep a beat,

time to make a noise

play along with the music men

and remember keep that poise

Play those maracas… 47 more words