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Key Benefits Of Using A Bong

Here at TheDailySesh we sell smoke pipes, bongs, dab ribs and
bubblers, all designed for consuming legal herbs. In the most basic
sense a smoke pipe is any kind of apparatus which filters the smoke… 331 more words

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Monday morning gunk

“Bhikkhus, all is burning. And what is the all that is burning?” The Buddha

Task 1: Hack up the night’s accumulated plerk from my lungs. 294 more words


How to efficiently clean your glass bong(s)!

Nothing ruins the taste of your cannabis than dirty bong water. And not many people know how to take the correct steps to ensure a healthy and smooth smoking experience with your glass piece(s).  543 more words


Sexiness Continued

I can write whatever
And it’ll still come out clever somehow
What’s better? A stupid sheep
Or a dumb cow
I’m dumb? How?
Oh you a bust down… 48 more words