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"There is only one thing I want to say to you:

Don’t be like my cat.”

Fraîche et authentique citation de CP during la GSOS, ce matin.

La GSOS, c’est la Graduate Student Orientation Session, une réunion où on te dit essentiellement oh tu es un beau graduate student tout neuf qui va sauver le monde en innovant beaucoup beaucoup, et où en plus tu peux faire des additions de doigts avec ton friend-voisin… 160 more words


Ceci n'est toujours pas un blog,

ni un égouttoir à vaisselle,
ni un élevage de cochon dépressifs,
ni un élevage de minuscules,
ni un générateur d’aléatoire,
ni une plantation de navets (quoique), 165 more words



Bonjour! J’mapelle Tyra, et je suis nouveau à apprentissage Français. Anglais est ma première langue, j’apprends Français trois mois.


Hello! My name is Tyra, and I’m new to learning French. 15 more words


New 2017 Calendar Titles


Each year, Brush Dance collaborates with many wonderful artists, photographers, and writers to bring you the best and most beautiful calendar items.  It’s my pleasure to share just three of our new titles with you today. 197 more words


BonJour Bijoux 8-Cup French Press, Blue

Treat your ground coffee right–put it in a cafetiere, or French press. Just put the grounds in the heat-proof glass carafe, pour on boiling water, add the top, then wait a few minutes before pressing the plunger down to filter the coffee from the grounds. 37 more words

My French Opportunity

When I was in first grade I went to a Private School where they taught us French. From that moment on, I always fantasized about a trip to Paris or being able to speak French fluently (I was always pretending that I could but all I could really say was “bonjour, call me Jeanette”). 601 more words

Fun & Random Things

monster update

It’s been a busy few days!

First, I finished making my new friend.  Bernard and I had some play time but then he moved to Paris to have adventures en français.  59 more words