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In a little more than a week I will be leaving Fayetteville, Arkansas for Paris, France then to Besançon, France.  This is something that I have dreamt of since I was a little girl:  Spending a summer month abroad, being immersed in a beautiful language, meeting people from all walks of life, and learning more about myself.   124 more words




Hello world,

This is a new blog that will highlight my adventures* and friendships with food, the world, and people as I grow up. Hopefully I will still use this blog frequently up until my high school graduation, at least. 131 more words




Ceci est mon premier blog post!



What My Mother Didn’t Tell Me

When we were first proposed the idea of being transferred and living abroad, I thought how hard could this be? My parents immigrated to Canada from England many years ago with two toddlers and they never looked back. 784 more words


Small Networks Without Big Headaches

These days, it is so easy to just plug in your router, Macs, and Time Capsule, and let them set themselves up. But in doing so, you could be making serious mistakes. 1,876 more words


Why Don't We Rely On One's Testimony?

In the course of this paper, I will try to approach the epistemic standing of testimonial knowledge by respectively presenting the opinions of Laurence BonJour and Jennifer Lackey as grounds in order to state my own opinions throughout the paper. 2,801 more words