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What happened to me yesterday? 

I didn’t feel right on the bike. I had a rest day the day before but struggled with low energy and bonked… this is a cycling term… use with caution! 79 more words


A Question

I am appealing to all of you fit people who read my blog (or find it by way of lucky accident).  I would like some advice about nutrition for my longer cycling rides. 106 more words

Aspirations, Reflections, Perfection

Cracking Berlin - Pt 2

By the time the alarm sounded at 6am I felt as though I had only just fought off the cold, damp conditions and achieved sleep. Weak willed as ever I snoozed it until 6.30am. 849 more words


Keeping smiling in the sunshine!

I have a perfectly rosy face, and an awful sock tan line, following a ride in the most glorious sunshine this Sunday. Living in Newcastle, we almost never have sunshine, nevermind 18degrees C! 984 more words

18 not so glorious miles

So there I was, just past 14 miles of my 18 mile trail run, crouched down in the bushes, my shorts pushed around my ankles as I pretended to go to the bathroom; really I just wanted to get the hell off my feet. 351 more words

Bonking my head.

“Hey dad?”

“Yeah bud?”

Bonks his head as he lays down, unsure of whether it hurt.

“What are you going to dream about tonight?”

“Well, I think I am going to dream about bonking my head.” 21 more words


A Running Dictionary: Gee whizzers!

By Cindy Lapeña

Last week, we did our efs, and I’ve got one more high tech ef for you before we move into the gees. 644 more words