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Bonking on a short run

Major fail on yesterday’s attempted 7 mile pace run. Warmed up for a mile, then completed 2 miles at just under 9:00/mile pace. That was pretty much all I had in me. 433 more words

1500-calorie Diet


Bonking can affect the brain… and you may feel anxious, irritable, confused and emotional. What a fabulous quote from Ride 25’s blog900 more words


Hitting a wall

In distance running or any endurance sport, hitting a wall can occur when your body runs out of energy. I have hit a wall as early as mile 16 and as late as mile 22. 631 more words

Women's Running

Train low, race high

Would appreciate your comments on this post :)

Has anybody else heard this before? “Train low, race high”. This for me means: when I am training I do not use energy gels, food, nor hydration tablets: “train low”. 143 more words


Review of, The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance

Ketosis has been on my mind a lot lately. Ever since I first read about running the human body on fat instead of sugar the idea has intrigued me. 939 more words


1st Long Run post Injury and Santa's Grotto!

So my 2 races within a couple hours made the Press & Journal:

(must have been a slow week!)

If I’d known I would be exposed like this I would have… 671 more words