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Achievement Unlocked: Bonked!

Tonight I experienced what I think was my first ever bonk. Or perhaps not since this morning I awoke with a cold so it may have been that, however I am going with the bonk because it passed as soon as I rested and ate something. 314 more words


RunFest 49K race report

Okay, I’ve had a few weeks to reflect on the Anchorage RunFest 49k Ultra Race and I feel the same way I did when I crossed the finish line, like cheering and bawling at the same time (which is… 1,365 more words

What happened to me yesterday? 

I didn’t feel right on the bike. I had a rest day the day before but struggled with low energy and bonked… this is a cycling term… use with caution! 79 more words


A Question

I am appealing to all of you fit people who read my blog (or find it by way of lucky accident).  I would like some advice about nutrition for my longer cycling rides. 106 more words

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Cracking Berlin - Pt 2

By the time the alarm sounded at 6am I felt as though I had only just fought off the cold, damp conditions and achieved sleep. Weak willed as ever I snoozed it until 6.30am. 849 more words


Keeping smiling in the sunshine!

I have a perfectly rosy face, and an awful sock tan line, following a ride in the most glorious sunshine this Sunday. Living in Newcastle, we almost never have sunshine, nevermind 18degrees C! 984 more words

18 not so glorious miles

So there I was, just past 14 miles of my 18 mile trail run, crouched down in the bushes, my shorts pushed around my ankles as I pretended to go to the bathroom; really I just wanted to get the hell off my feet. 351 more words