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Daily Chase: Vol. 75

I’m currently sitting on our front porch, enjoying a cold drink, and loving the cool breeze and comfortable temperature. I’ve spent a good majority of my time out here this weekend, and it’s been the perfect opportunity to relax, catch up on some reading, and bask in what I hope is not a short-lived spring/early summer season. 645 more words


Apple Cider Donut Cake

No, this isn’t a recipe. As I think about it, I suppose there’s some apple cider, some flour, probably some sort of lard…

Not a recipe, just some thoughts. 880 more words


“Every year, someone gets lost. Don’t let that person be you.” — Mr Bimble, Race Director

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning. 37 more words


The Bonk - Cyclist middle east - issue 7

Cyclists call it bonking, runners call it the wall, In the 1960s in England it was the hunger knock, to South Africans it’s the hunger bonk and western African tribes believe it is the curse of a witch draining your will to fight. 748 more words


Achievement Unlocked: Bonked!

Tonight I experienced what I think was my first ever bonk. Or perhaps not since this morning I awoke with a cold so it may have been that, however I am going with the bonk because it passed as soon as I rested and ate something. 314 more words


RunFest 49K race report

Okay, I’ve had a few weeks to reflect on the Anchorage RunFest 49k Ultra Race and I feel the same way I did when I crossed the finish line, like cheering and bawling at the same time (which is… 1,365 more words

Tour Bikers Guide for Filthy Casuals: Hanger and other Group Dynamics

Hello dear readers.  This is a post I have been itching to write since back in the Sawtooth.  But it has taken many more months of reflection before I felt I could do it justice, and present my thoughts constructively.   2,000 more words

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