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Finals week is ending and I’ve just about lost my mind. Economic graphs and accounting budgets are the only constant figures inside my cranium. I can’t sleep due to nerves and drank just enough coffee so that I have the overwhelming sensation of rushing waterfalls moving south of my pelvis. 4,313 more words


Excitement builds!

Bonnaroo package just arrived and the excitement is building. Inside each of the fanny packs was our wristband and bandanna along with all the assorted entry passes and receipts. 263 more words


Going to Bonnaroo

Hello! Welcome back! I’ve taken a bit of a break because of finals and enjoying the first few weeks of summer. But this time of the year is always my favorite. 465 more words

Angry Photographer With Question About New Rules

 So obviously Bonnaroo has implemented some new safety standards this year. While I’m just as pissed about the clear backpacks, no aerosol sunscreen, etc. I am very bummed to find you can no longer even have a camera with a detachable lens.
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Two Choices...

This week I have two choices in what to write about, the first is positive and second is stressful. I can start by writing about excitement of knowing that the final payment for Bonnaroo has been made and tickets should be arriving in the next few weeks. 265 more words


PSA - you don't own the land homies.

Let me know if I am alone on this one.

Frequent concert and festy goer here and I have noticed something that is absolutely unnecessary and just down right ugly at shows. 142 more words


Just a suggestion...from a vetr’n

Been every year (flips open badge showing credentials)… Going to start this off kind of like a really long zen Koan.

You ever go on a vacation or some beautifully exotic place and the person or people you are with spend about 95% of their time taking pictures of themselves having this allegedly good time? 290 more words