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I realized in the past few days that people are honestly, just human. They make mistakes, sometimes big ones, and most of the time, when they apologize they truly are sorry for what they have done. 518 more words


Pomona, CA: Kenneth Rasmuson of Sandpoint, Idaho Arrested for 1981 Murder of 6-Year-Old Boy

ABC News LA: A 53-year-old Idaho man was arrested in connection to the 1981 murder of a 6-year-old Pomona boy.

Pomona Police Department Cold Case Homicide Detectives traveled to Sandpoint, Idaho to assist in the arrest of Kenneth Rasmuson as a suspect in the murder. 104 more words


21 August: Remember Ruby Ridge

H/t to Blue.

Attorney Gerry Spence, who defended Randy Weaver, is excerpted here; see also this cross-examination of FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi.

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This government-contrived tragedy near Naples, ID in 1992 - followed by Waco in '93 - were the opening shots. Did we miss their meaning? Look back on these two 20-year-old events through what you now know about the expansion of unchecked government-power since. Do you like where we have gone?

After the rain...

The weather cleared yesterday and the sun came out at Lake Pond Oreille. ┬áIt was a glorious morning after all….

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Anyone who is 18 years of age, a resident within the City of Sandpoint can register to vote. You can register at City Hall, 1123 Lake Street, or at the Bonner County Courthouse at 215 North First Avenue. 109 more words