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Two Wins By Bonobos

I love the clothes. And apparently loads of other peeps do to given Walmart shelling out for them.

But two things this week caught my eye from Bonobos, the guys who dominate the Millennial menswear market. 205 more words

Pop to Perm

Traditionally, short-term leases (a.k.a., pop-ups) have been seasonal: Halloween costume shops, Christmas stores and sample sales have been a staple of this retail segment for years. 784 more words


The apparently altruistic, amazingly social bonobos.

The impulse to be kind to strangers was long thought to be unique to humans, but research on bonobos suggests our species is not as exceptional in this regard as we like to think.

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Walmart says it will acquire more startups

Walmart has bought a handful of startups lately, and the company says this acquisition spree will continue.

It’s looking to buy businesses in the technology, retail and digital native brands categories, said Marc Lore, CEO of Walmart eCommerce U.S., onstage at… 164 more words


The Last Great Ape

I had the good fortune to meet at a conference the very excellent Frances White who is featured in this documentary. Frances is so much more interesting and empirically sound than the cultural anthropologists who typically operate under a highly derivative and lazy Marxist lens.

Evolutionary Biology