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Nolan's Flag of the Day: Republic of the Congo (4/18/18)

  • Location: Central Africa
  • Population: 4.7+ million
  • Area: 132,000 sq. mi.
  • Fun Fact 1: The great apes (bonobos and eastern lowland) can only be found in Congo.
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Being A Dad

Why I Stay: To Serve

. . . That’s what most people know about bonobos: they have a lot of sex. That’s not what’s interesting about them. The No. 1 reason they are interesting is that they don’t kill each other.

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Who’s ‘Our Inner Ape’? Or, I got your hippie chimp right here, and it’s not a bonobo

Here’s a YouTube rendition of the slideshow I presented at Nerd Nite DC in 2016. The script follows the video. A shorter version is here… 2,241 more words


Eight Retail Trends to Watch in 2018

The year 2017 was one of the newsiest and noisiest retail years on record. It will be remembered as the year retail evolved and changed forever. 837 more words


Apes are attracted to people who act like jerks

Scientists looking to understand the evolutionary roots of human behavior have frequently looked to bonobos, the great ape native to the Democratic Republic of Congo. From a human perspective, bonobos appear a peaceful species. 527 more words

For bonobos, nice guys finish last

(Source: www.theverge.com)

When it comes to bonobos, nice guys finish last. Researchers tested the animals with different social scenarios and in each, the bonobos preferred to make friends with bullies. 270 more words