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Amazon's Offline Expansion

The Times ran an article yesterday, speculating that Amazon may be looking to open more brick-and-mortar bookstores, to complement the one it built a few months ago… 116 more words


Closet Essentials Pt 3 | The navy blazer

Here it is! This is the post that most menswear enthusiasts would probably have used to kick off a series like this one. Essentials. Ask almost anyone who is involved in, or who simply enjoys talking about menswear what their most important piece in their closet is, and they will likely tell you it’s their navy blazer. 516 more words


Why LinkedIn Makes Me Depressed

I finally joined LinkedIn.  This was something of a hurdle for me because I have cyberagoraphobia.   This is my best approximation of the fear of having a public profile in cyberspace.   588 more words


Cuddling monkeys

What do you think when you see baby monkeys? Cute hey! And if you see someone cuddling or bottle feeding a baby monkey, would you like to do that some time? 661 more words


What to Get the Luddite on Your List

‘Tis the season of the mailbox stuffed with catalogs. Regardless of whether or not one participates in the traditions that result in stockings stuffed with tchotchkes or trees bedecked in ornaments – all get to share in the thrill of a mailbox overflowing with materials bound straight for the recycling bin. 2,103 more words