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I Got Your Hippie Ape, Right Here

Spotting my bonobo-themed T-shirt, a woman recently approached to say that they were her favorite primates.

“Not humans?” I asked, but I knew better. Thanks to Frans de Waal and other primatological popularizers, bonoboism has become widespread. 1,103 more words


Gant is The Latest Menswear Brand To Open a Store That Sells Nothing

It was a concept forged by menswear newcomer Bonobos. Introduced in 2010, the Bonobos “Guide Shop” became known comically as the store that sold nothing. Men visited the store to try on clothes, and left with a receipt for an order that would arrive on their doorstep in 7-10 business days. 184 more words


Car Coated

Way back in 2003 (maybe even earlier) I purchased a navy pea coat from American Eagle. It was a bit boxy, but functional. And warm! Fast forward 14+ years. 361 more words


My 2017 Fashion Resolution

If you had looked in my wardrobe last year and looked again this year, you would notice a big difference. It’s half full, or half empty (depending on how optimistic you are). 1,097 more words

MadeIt Patterns

A Gentler Atheism

When planning my trip to Portland, I envisioned walking in snowy woods. The view of the city from the plane did not disappoint – it was covered in a pristine white blanket. 827 more words



Bethany comes over in a snowstorm with cheap wine from Trader Joes, under the guise of getting work down. We eat defrosted dumplings on the carpet in my living room before getting back to our reading. 107 more words

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