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Biologists Home In On Paleo Gut For Clues To Our Evolutionary History

For all the anxiety today about the bacteria in our gut being under constant assault by antibiotics, stress and bad diets, it turns out that a lot of the bacteria in our intestines have been with us for at least 15 million years, since we were pre-human apes. 1,196 more words

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16-30 Segment 2: Measuring Animal Intelligence: How smart are they?


How smart are animals? That’s a question that scientists – and pet owners – have been asking for decades. Our guest is a scientist who has studied animal intelligence and he discusses how neuroscience and biology are coming up with new definitions of what it means to be an intelligent animal, and using medical technology and unique experiments to better understand intelligence in non-humans. 2,143 more words

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On-demand fashion brand AYR unveils details on its $6.23 million unregistered offering

For other stories visit XDATA XDATA – June 24th 2016 After twenty financial backers subscribed to 88% of its equity financing round, AYR 158 more words

Pure play e-commerce's fantastic (and unsustainable) consumer wealth transfer

“Retail disruption” has been a popular buzz phrase for several years now. In fact, most of the retail brands that have received out-sized mentions in the business press–and commanded the adoring attention of industry conference attendees–for the past 5 years or so are somehow or other leveraging digital innovation to fundamentally re-work the consumer experience, gobble up market share and attract truckloads of venture capital. 707 more words


Pretend Tony! Toni! Toné! is Serenading This Post

Brandi and I just celebrated our six-year anniversary. We’ve been together for over eleven years total. When we first met in April 2005, she was a 20 year-old college student and I was a 27 year-old welder who’d been out of prison for less than a year. 600 more words

From clicks to bricks

A story about online shops who are opening bricks-and-mortar stores and expanding, even as traditional retailers are shutting down and shrinking. What’s the secret sauce? 12 more words