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If Bonobos lived in the modern human world 

Bonobo Bob: (after living in solitude for one week, watching porn on his smart phone – calls up one of his lovers) Hey Betty, get over here. 205 more words


Bonobo love

I have read the book mentioned here. Not the entire book but enough of it. In fact I read it with Him while lying in a hammock in the jungle. 408 more words


A Brain, A Heart, A Home, The Nerve...

Good morning. That’s a lion way over there! Am I in Africa?

Something weird about that lion. He’s standing on two legs. I swear it even looks like he’s talking with someone. 914 more words

Science Fiction

The Bonobo Factor

Front Cover


It is late 1976. Dr. Helen Robinson’s ambition is to become a professor of zoology. She decides to undertake a year-long field study trip to the Zaire research station, Salumbobo, to study the social behaviour of man’s closest primate. 88 more words

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Biologists Home In On Paleo Gut For Clues To Our Evolutionary History

For all the anxiety today about the bacteria in our gut being under constant assault by antibiotics, stress and bad diets, it turns out that a lot of the bacteria in our intestines have been with us for at least 15 million years, since we were pre-human apes. 1,196 more words

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16-30 Segment 2: Measuring Animal Intelligence: How smart are they?


How smart are animals? That’s a question that scientists – and pet owners – have been asking for decades. Our guest is a scientist who has studied animal intelligence and he discusses how neuroscience and biology are coming up with new definitions of what it means to be an intelligent animal, and using medical technology and unique experiments to better understand intelligence in non-humans. 2,143 more words

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