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Repotting a trident maple bonsai

Several years ago, I published a series on how to repot bonsai. For those who missed it the first time, here is an edited version of the series in a single post. 2,383 more words

Bonsai Care

Options for applying bonsai fertilizer

I’ve been enjoying experimenting with the new fertilizers I’m using this summer. Ten days ago I applied Omakase fertilizer cakes to a number of my trees and I’ve already noticed a few things. 364 more words

Bonsai Care

What kind of bonsai fertilizer do you use?

I hear the question a lot – “What kind of fertilizer do you use?” The answer is a moving target. So far this year I’ve used various combinations of six different fertilizers. 526 more words

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All about akadama

What is Akadama?

Akadama is a fundamental component of bonsai soil. It is used throughout Japan as a potting medium for both bonsai and general gardening purposes. 1,559 more words

Bonsai Care

Review: Bonsai Intermediate Course

Last weekend, Bonsai Empire and Bjorn Bjorholm released a follow-up to the popular online Bonsai Beginner’s Course – the Bonsai Intermediate Course. Bonsai Empire provided me with access to the course for review purposes. 483 more words

Bonsai Care

A tiny chore...

As the weather grew warmer, I had to water my tree almost every day. It became a small ritual for me. Come in the front door, put my work stuff away, deal with the kids’ school needs, change my clothes and then….check on my tree! 182 more words

How vigorous are your pines?

We all know the basic signs that are our pines are healthy – dark green foliage and long spring shoots.

Green growth on a 12 year-old pine… 287 more words

Black Pine