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Shapes of Women: Mothers & Daughters

“How far beyond your mother do you hope to get? You are not going to be a different woman entirely, so just be a slightly altered version of her, and relax. 202 more words

Bonsalles Art

Shapes of Women: Damsel

I knew he was heading for me the way you know someone is looking at you. You just know.

I was almost at my car and he was fifteen feet away, his body aimed at mine. 915 more words

Bonsalles Art

Each Finding Her Own Way Out

“Each was driven
to please patriarchal standards.
Her motors were powered
by her relationships to the outer world.

Each is finding
her own way out… 20 more words

Bonsalles Art

Earth 2020

We toil the soil

on this mortal coil, the foil

of fools and madness, embroil

our seed in sadness, with gladness

recoil from badness.

Drawing by Bonsalles
Poem by Kijo

Bonsalles Art

The Storyteller

A story spinner

leaves us to dangle off cliffs,

adding days to lives.

Drawing by Bonsalles
Haiku by Vivian Zems

Bonsalles Art

Good Words Sink Roots

A painter of my mind,
a decorator of my spirit,
I read many texts
to see what I can find.
Words chafe as sandpaper
rubbing out old ideas… 31 more words

Bonsalles Art

Infinite Orchestra

The New World rings brassy.

Where are my pipes and drums?

I ache to breathe through you all,

my infinite orchestra.

Drawing by Bonsalles
Poem by Kijo

Bonsalles Art