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HSBC BritishNationalsDH Rd 2 Fort William

Fort William Bound

So the long trip 16 hours non stop from the South West Ireland to  South West Scotland begins  ,one thing is for sure it beats working and from what I hear it definitely beats school ,so the 4am starts and dare i say it ,i am actually getting to enjoy the early starts with the life of a picky on the road ……This trip was surely going o be different due the fact we were picking up a character called Jeff fitzgerald  who is no stranger to big competition events in his own right but with a skill set second to none in relation to keeping it fun focussed and knowing what to say and when to say ,whatever it is about Limerick sports men but their true grit and character comes out when it matters most  3,890 more words

Trek Checkpoint: Late to the party, still out drinks everyone.

In early Feburary I was invited up to Boulder Colorado to see a new gravel bike Trek was planning on releasing this summer. I was invited because our business owner worked for Trek as the Road Product Manager for many years, and me being the midwest gravel guy, he wanted my impression of the new platform. 768 more words

New Saddle

It hasn’t been winter weather for almost two months – at least snow.  The days have been 40 to 60 degrees on the ride home except for a couple days last week.   345 more words


Musings of a cyclist...

Experiences of cycling in India…


I guess this post holds for the rest of us on the right side of 40. This is about our childhood and musings with a cycle. 1,900 more words

Lycra in the Office....

I hope you’ve all been having a great year and for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere a great summer.

I’ve just started in a new office and one of the guys that I hired in his interview did mention that he was into cycling and it seemed that he was really into his cycling, but after the first few weeks he would turn up after cycling to work in normal street wear so assumed that he was just into cycling and not necessarily road racing, time trials and wouldn’t be caught in full Lycra kit. 913 more words

Cycling Lycra

Bike Shop Homogeneity

When we were searching for my daughter’s replacement bike, it was a frustrating drive around the city to see mostly the same bikes.  It was either a Trek, a Giant, or maybe a Specialized.   400 more words