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Bonus Episode 6: The First Yokozuna

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Take a dive into the ancient past, with our research project into the very earliest stars of sumo. We follow Jinmaku’s quest to document the first men men to be called Yokozuna. 7 more words

Bonus Episodes

Season 4 News and Updates!

Season 4 is premiering MONDAY FEBRUARY 26 and we’re back before the premiere to give you all your iZombie news and teases for the story ahead! 85 more words


Bonus Episode 1 Dr Terror's House of Horrors

The first bonus episode of Hammer House of Podcast is up for our patrons. Here we’re covering each of the Amicus portmanteau films. First up it’s 1965’s Dr Terror’s House of Horrors, featuring Scottish werewolves, a plant with a brain, and Christopher Lee being utterly marvellous. 27 more words

Hammer Horror

S2.BE5 - One Year Later

By The Jilted Indian Podcast

One year and 29 episodes later, here we are. Last weekend was the 1 year anniversary of the largest demonstration in US history, the Women’s March. 234 more words


Bonus Episode 5: Harumaghazi

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Instead of spending all of January’s preview episode covering the Harumafuji retirement story, we decided to put together a bonus episode to get it all out of the way. 31 more words

Bonus Episodes

Bonus: A Quiz of Ice and Fire 07 – Northern Legends

Join yolkboy and Lady Gwyn for our latest Quiz of Ice and Fire bonus episode. We pose seventeen questions of ASoIaF trivia. How many can you answer?

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Bonus Episodes

The Music of Season Three

As we wait for word of when Season 4 will be back, here’s another bonus episode that we pulled together during the holidays. There were many great needledrops during Season 3 so enjoy this musical walk back through it. 95 more words