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Blooper Episode 4: I Can't Believe We Have 4 Episodes Worth Of Bloopers

Whackity Smackity Doooooooo

And hey, if you’ve been interacting with us via twitter, or leaving a review on iTunes, we haven’t forgotten you. The episode after the live show we’ll have a special shoutout section at the end of the show where we’ll be thanking people on air for promoting us. 26 more words



Here’s a wee bonus show, going over the trailers that were shown at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend.



BONUS EPISODE - More Mortal Kombat

An MP3 version of our bonus episode/video we did for the Facebook page back in March.



Season 2 Episode 3: I Can't Believe They Stormed An Eclipse Base

That poor, poor hanar.

Join the cast of The Leviathan Files as they make poor tactical decisions!

Also hey listeners! If you’re in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota on July 5th, come see The Leviathan Files record LIVE at… 50 more words


Flashback Episode 4: Tarka

Saving the best for last, check out Tarka’s flashback episode! Four aliens and a baby!

If there’s any audio quality issues, it’s because we only get a limited amount of upload space per month hosting the show, and we had to fit this week’s show AND next week’s show in before it reset. 48 more words


Flashback Episode 2 - Allanabelle

So yeah we took a few liberties with this one but the last episode had time travel in it and nobody complained so get off my back ok? 71 more words