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Crossover Episode 7: I Can't Believe We're All Sexy Teenage Monsters

Look, Monsterhearts is my all-time favorite game & we finally get to play it! Thanks to our podcasting best friends, The Redacted Files (btw congrats on the wedding!) for coming on to record! 83 more words


Crossover Episode 6: An Entire Hot Mess

(Content warnings for alcohol use apply to this episode).

Look we’ve all made mistakes.

Dan, Dylan, & I were joined by Friend Of The Show, Kurt, from… 96 more words


Crossover Episode 5: I Can't Believe We're A Dragon Age Podcast Now

We were so lucky to have Megan from the One Shot Network’s Modifier Podcast on to run Dragon Age for us! She’s awesome, her show’s awesome, and this game is awesome. 255 more words


Bloopers Episode 8: I Can't Believe We Launched A New Show

Bloopers time! Check out the new show by the way!

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Please send us an email at theleviathanfiles@gmail.com & find our wiki… 14 more words


Bonus: Happy Birthday TLF & Riverhouse Games Announcement 2016

Happy birthday to us

Happy birthday to us

Happy birthdaaaaaay to uuuuuuuus

Happy birthday to us.

Oh also there’s some cool-ass news stuff in this episode! 70 more words


Blooper Episode 7: I Can't Believe The News In This One!

Who’s excited! Hopefully my plans will make it so people listen to us for more than just two episodes…

There’s also bloopers in this episode! 27 more words