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The Music of Season Two

We are back with one more bonus episode this week before Season 3 starts!

We talked about the music of Season 1 in a previous bonus episode already. 122 more words


iZombie Rewatch - S2E17-19

It’s the final rewatch! You know what that means! SEASON THREE STARTS NEXT WEEK! April 4th to be exact so make sure you tune in! 206 more words


iZombie Rewatch - S2E15-16

Two weeks to Season 3! In the meantime, we are on our second-to-last episode of our rewatch! This week, we talk about Liv’s Rose McIver disguise in He Blinded Me…With Science! 149 more words


S1.B4 - What's In a Name?

Miranda here, the podcast host with the whitest name on this show.

We have been sitting on this bonus episode one since the Oscars. Jimmy Kimmel, we have words regarding this annoying moment, right here. 453 more words

Season One

iZombie Rewatch - S2E13-14

Season 3 comin’!! And the closer we get to the end of this rewatch, the more epic these episodes get! This week are two jampacked episodes: “The Whopper” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind”! 140 more words


iZombie Rewatch - S2E11-12

Winston (There’s Only One Tree Hill, SpoilerTV) joins us to talk about Season 2’s “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” and “Physician Heal Thy Selfie! 94 more words


iZombie Rewatch - S2E09-10

Ralph (KaijuPod, Alright Let’s Do A Podcast, It Came From The VCR) guests this week to talk Chris Allred, comics and appreciating how much awesome can occur in a single episode of iZombie! 122 more words