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Thrunite EDC Flashlight Give Away


On February 9th 2017 Thursday at 8 pm EST




Because I have so many free lights from Thrunite may as well share them

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FixedByDoc.com Now Has A Logo Product Line

If you want to get a shirt, mug, button, or perhaps sport a cellphone case or water bottle with a FixedByDoc.com logo on it then here is your chance :) 110 more words

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Meet "Hillbilly Homestead Life"

This is another homesteading type blogging website that you all might be interested in. They share similar ideas as we do BUT they have some different topics. 135 more words

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Olight HO5 Active Headlamp Give Away This Week On My Radio Talk Show

Olight HO5 Active Headlamp Give Away On My Around The Cabin Talk Show Called:

                        “The Self Reliance Cabin”


Just go to “Around The Cabin”  196 more words

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Trail Cam Pictures Of Deer In My Woods

Before hunting season there were tons of deer everywhere in my woods. Sooooo I bought a nice Savage .308 bolt action riffle thinking I would get me one or two. 186 more words

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2016: The Book Fight! Year in Review

Well, friends, it’s been another year, and we’ve produced another year’s worth of content. So much content! Honestly, if we stop and think about it for too long, it starts to make us tired. 1,463 more words

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Lighting My Birthday Firework Sparklers

New Years Eve is my birthday and this year I am officially 40 something now. I have a bunch of fireworks to let off but my favorites are these sparklers seen here. 21 more words

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