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BONUS: ... isn't he priceless!

Superman, kind of, gets a nod over in the pages of WONDER WOMAN (1942)!


BONUS: You look familiar!

Funny Face’s true face turns out to the spitting image of Jerry Siegel himself!

Jerry Siegel

BONUS: I always wanted his autograph!

Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel makes a cameo in a Batman story — and Dick Grayson even get his autograph! Holy celebrity sighting, Batman!

Jerry Siegel

AT Hike, Doc Makes Friends With Baby Oppossum At Laughing Heart Hostel

A lady doing animal rescue let myself​ and another hiker “locksmith” play with  her baby oppossums.

2017 Appalachian Trail

Venture Deeper into the Realm of the Repulsive with the Ultimate Director’s Cut of ‘A Serbian Film’

Yeah, you read that right. If A Serbian Film wasn’t repulsive enough, maybe some new material from director Srdjan Spasojevic will really, really push us over the edge. 142 more words


And For Today's Trick, We're Going to Make Your Content...DISAPPEAR!

Today we’re going to look at a somewhat newer trend.

No, sorry dabbing dinosaur, I mean dabasaur, a social media trend. We’re going to look at the popularity behind… 481 more words

Bonus Episode: AWP 2017 with Lyz Lenz

Surprise! Here’s a special mid-week bonus episode featuring Lyz Lenz, the new managing editor for The Rumpus. Lyz is also a writer (we talked about one of her essays back in… 131 more words

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