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Helped Neighbor Build A Wall In His Garage...

Today I spent all day helping a neighbor build a wall with a door in it to split his garage in half.

We incorporated the kids as much as possible. 52 more words

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Installing New Curtains & Rod

Finally got new curtains Addie likes and a rod to hang them from. So we finally got them hung in our bedroom.

Note this happened about a week ago and I was busy not getting a chance to post till now. 65 more words

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Kids Get Surprise Easter Baskets

Got Georgiana and Finly Easter baskets because they deserve them…

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After Yesterdays Blizzard...

So yesterday we had a blizzard hit us!

Yep right after we cleared our roof and pushed all the previous snow back with the bobcat in the previous blogs this week then SMACK!!!!! 41 more words

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Helped A Neighbor Today

This week has been snow daily with 5-8 inches everyday nearly. Most of the roofs around here need shoveling due to the excessive weight.

Luckily I got mine done before our current blizzard today. 139 more words

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So we basically got roughly 14 inches of snow between 2-12-19 and 2-13-19.

6 inches on 2-12-19

8 inches on 21-13-19

It has been a crazy winter here so far. 111 more words

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