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Space farce, sorry, force?

Whereas I’m not allowed by my job to comment on the 2 B’s (Boris, Brexit) at this time, due to a need for UK political neutrality, I dont have quite the same limitations when it comes to US politics, thankfully. 496 more words


Rasputin on Sousaphone, Gorbachev on Tea-Tray...

Sometimes this blog goes a bit whimsical and it seems that today is one of those days.  Pausing only to have an inconclusive conversation with OH about the correct spelling of Gorbachev (there isn’t one because it’s in Cyrillic) we head off into the wardrobe of my soul, in the section labelled ‘shirts’.  186 more words


Insane Times - Various Artists [#634]

Insane Times: 25 Psychedelic Artyfacts from the EMI Vaults is a compilation album of really odd music. I’d say completely odd but the inclusion of Bonzo Dog, Yardbirds and Kevin Ayres kind of bring the oddness down a bit. 112 more words


Obscure song of the day

OK, who knows The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band? Hands up….I said hands up. Not too many hands. OK, who knows Monty Python? allright, if you know Python, on some level you should know the Bonzo Dog Band. 58 more words


Scene and Heard - CCLXIII : Everything’s Fine  -  The Wyatt Act (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The Wyatt Act seem to sit in the common ground of a Venn Diagram where music, performance art and poetry all connect. Yes, Everything’s Fine is a quirky pop song, but it is more than that too. 252 more words