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Porn on the Cob

Breasts.  Boobs.  Tits.  Guzungas.

One of the features of wordpress is that I can see what search terms people use to get to my blog.  Every day I see a list of search terms like “teen boob press story,”  “girl growing boobs story,” “huge boob story,” “boob press,” and “how to show my boobs to boys” (these were all actual terms used today). 920 more words


50 Nifty Knee Bras [PHOTOS]

We’d like to think that we’re professional posers… wait a minute, that came out wrong. What we mean is we’re pros at pickin’ out poses. Sh*t, every dude off the streets knows the… 62 more words


Hug It Out... Bitches! It's National Hug Day [30 Photos]

January 21st is National Hugging Day! Know what that means? You can finally cop a feel off that chick with the epic boobs. Just give her a hug and she should automatically give one back. 66 more words