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This morning’s Living Poetry Prompt was “television”. Here’s what I wrote.

Boob Tube

Why do they call it the boob tube?
Besides the obvious rhyming pair… 56 more words



Abuzz about so many things this past week!

So, there’s the hair. No missing that big ol’ BUZZZZZ. And the pink bubbles that had me buzzing throughout the perfect Saturday with mom. 1,018 more words

Breast Cancer

CLOT. (Another damn 4-letter word!)

Oh, what a metaphor I have to work with here…

On Monday mornings, following the routine weigh-in, vitals, lab work and IV hookup, I always meet with my oncologist and her PA. 905 more words

Breast Cancer

GIFTS: the big, the little and everything in between.

Last Monday at chemo, I was flashed…full frontal…by a 69-year-old woman. (Big gift? Little gift in an awkward size D package?)

This Monday, I stepped in dog poo on my way to the bus. 1,135 more words

Breast Cancer

FB Hot Mom Luh Tirta

Luh Tirta Balinese Hot Mom

Hot Mom yang satu ini pasti bikin loe pada panas dingin 😷… Ya nggak bray.. Dengan asetnya yang plus gue yakin loe dah ngehayalin yang aneh-aneh… Siapa sich yang nggak mau punya cewek maupun istri yang bodynya kayak Pamela Anderson Baywatch????… Nich loe pandangin aja photonya… … 24 more words