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There’s Finally An Answer To Why Men Are Either boob Guys Or ass Guys.

Poor or rich? Coke or Pepsi? The cookie part of the Oreo, or the icing?

With respect to certain matters of life, like the few I just mentioned, people will either fall into one of two distinct categories, ya know, “this” or “that.” Regarding women, and our own unique preferences, men will face these types of scenarios in bunches. 894 more words


What kind of mum are you, and why does it matter? Part 1: Breast/Bottle.

Even before you read this, you’ll know what I’m about to write. You’ll have read countless blog posts, articles and social media comments and will probably take a deep breath before you read on. 1,184 more words


Keeping abreast of it all ...

Well there’s nothing like a trip to the local breast health clinic to put a few things into perspective.

Especially when it’s your third time in four years – you do begin to think: ‘how many times is this going to happen – and how many times is it going to turn out OK?   543 more words

9 Out Of 10 Breast Lumps

Prompt for April 3: The Squeeze

They were round, like small melons meshed perfectly to an hourglass. I could even see a hit of mocha rim peeping out of the lacy white shell she wore. 54 more words


Lady How To: The Boob Itch

This is an in-depth look into the different ways to itch your favorite ladies.

  1. The Shimmy
    1. This move is mostly in the shoulders. It starts with a subtle shoulder shake to find exactly where the itch is hiding.
  2. 167 more words