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Breastfeeding sucks. (Literally. But I did it and so can you.)

Your beautiful little baby emerges into the world, lungs forcing out the first wails of a new life while tiny red fists fly. He is cleaned up and handed back to you, and your heart is full. 1,066 more words

Shower love

​Drops of morning shower,

Slides the curves and valley,

Ending at bay of pleasure.



A night of full moon,
Riverside walking hands in hand,
Her voice echoes the ebbs and bows,
Tides are weaving with her words,
We walk along the endless river, 76 more words


I Battle Josh and My Own Mind (Amateur)

I was playing Josh once again.

His backhand was working well.  He had a rock solid two-handed backhand.  He would step in and rotate well.  He also disguised his shot and I did not know if he would go down the line or go crosscourt. 284 more words


Angry Mother Breastfeeding Squirted Her Boob At A Woman For Complaining. Read FULL Story!

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A breastfeeding mother at a park in Dartford, Kent allegedly squirted her boob furiously at a woman who complained telling her to do it somewhere private after her husband was distracted. 10 more words

Go Australia

    Every four years the Olympics come around. All the countries bring forth their best athletes, in all different sports, to face off and try to take home gold. 253 more words