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Dear Lingerie Companies

Dear Lingerie Companies,

I am a female with size 14E breasts. I was just wondering if there is any particular reason why you don’t make bras for girls like me that are something more interesting and nice than plain black, white or nude. 141 more words

Something Just Doesn’t Fit…

This is a serious post about bras. Yes, and breasts. It’s actually taking me quite a lot of guts to write this, because, thanks to our overtly-and-covertly patriarchal world, I feel like we shouldn’t be talking about these things, and if we do then it should be only in lingerie shops when there are no men there, or over WhatsApp to that one friend who you only talk to when you’ve got a sex story to share or a boob problem. 1,363 more words

If You Got a Bra-blem, Yo I'll Solve it!

I don’t know about you ladies but as soon as I walk through the door at the end of the day the first thing I do is take my bra off. 531 more words