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I’ve always wondered why bras aren’t free. You know I never asked to have bigger boobs in fact it would have saved me money over the years if I had tiny ones. 222 more words

Bangladeshi Hot Nice & Sexy Beautiful Bhabi ‘Shraboni Selim’ Photo Album 2

For first album of Shraboni Selim: Click Here

Worker of Munshi Studio send this bunch of photos again. And he said ‘I found this photos in my studio’s computer and at that moment i decide that, i am gonna send this photos too for publish.’ 127 more words

Real Life Girls

He's virtually always the boss ;)

Right, MJ and I have only ever played face to face but I was really bored and horny after he went home yesterday. I sent him a snap of me wearing my nipple clamps and he challenged me to keep them on for an hour. 491 more words

My Itty Bitty Titties Fear

Last week I had a viewer ask me if I’ve ever had anyone be mean to me in my room, and immediately I remembered the words a viewer said to me, “I don’t like girls with small tits.” My heart sunk when I heard that and a flood of insecurities came rushing over me. 385 more words


People using my art as click bait for titillating videos

Every now and then I do an image search through Google to see if people have appropriated my art, and where it appears. Apparently, my… 689 more words


Game of Thrones S5E04 - Sons of the Harpy

Big doings are afoot in fair Westeros (ok, and Essos). Betrayal! Skullduggery! Boobs! Let’s get to it, people!

By the way, this week in credits sequences, Dorne! 2,809 more words