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Dante's Opinion: Are my boobs too big?

Welp, I guess it had to happen at some point. Someone wants to know the story of their boob size. Haven’t we been here before? Haven’t we all either asked or been asked this? 160 more words

Dante Optimism

I Love Wifey's Jugs

I just got through writing a post and was looking at the image on top of my blog page. I shot the picture of her wet boobs right out of the pool in high contrast black and white. 24 more words


Episode One: Arabian Nights (BECAUSE ITS A HAREM SHOW! GEDDIT?!)

The only thing I dislike more than Cute Girls doing Cute Things tends to be base fan-service shows (Just go and make porn, christ) and Harem shows, where a million girls circle around 1 guy, as if if his dick holds the secret sauce of immortality itself. 367 more words