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The DIY Kink OR Harnessing My Obsessions

I am an obsessive person. My kitchen is almost exclusively Tupperware, my Lego figure collection is out of control, and I am addicted to lingerie. Harnesses especially. 375 more words

Body Harness

pregnancy symptoms kick in at 6 weeks (for me)


Breasts/nipples pain, itchy, sensitivity, can’t sleep because of them even on the side, can’t touch them, i would even sleep in a bra if i could. 198 more words

The only way you cum!

You will never feel a real pussy again…Your wife keeps you locked and only two or three times a year she let you cum in her fleshlight…While she has a lot of fun with her different lovers… … 13 more words


#7 Nicki Minaj puts boobs on display in new photo

Rapper Nicki Minaj, puts her cleavage on display in a risque new photo she shared via Instagram.

Entertainment News

Hijab why bother?

The top pictures are what I call jilboobies! and Jilbooties!

Instead of wearing the Jilbab to hide their beauty, these girls choose to flaunt it.. Islamic style!! 226 more words


Latest trend in grad gifts has parents going for bust

After reading about how the parents of LuLu Diaz gave their daughter $6,000 breast implants for her high school graduation gift, I couldn’t help but be shocked by the idea of a father agreeing to anything that would make his teenaged daughter more enticing to teenaged boys. 685 more words

Ned Hickson

When Your Own Body-Shame You

I was 23 years old. We had this family get together at our place and the topic of discussion was finding a suitable partner for my cousin sister who is 7 years older than I am. 256 more words