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President Obama Is Brilliant And Hillary Clinton Is Exceptionally Astute

That’s Presidential. You know, a president aligned with Infinite Patience and/or Infinite Wisdom. President Obama and Hillary Clinton are aligned with both. Does it get any better than that? 501 more words

Donald Trump's Betrayal

Trump, You Just Got Pimped And You Don't Even Know It

The corporate news media utterly destroyed your Narcissistic Sociopath ass. Karma is a nasty bitch. You thought you were infallible, now you’re just a whining little bitch. 214 more words

Book 4

No, My First Name Ain't Crooked

It’s Hillary, Madam President if you’re nasty. Hillary Clinton is indeed in control.

Hey, who’s that thinkin’ nasty thoughts? Donald Trump

Who’s that on that nasty bus? 56 more words

Book 4

Teacher of the Heart

Witnessing selfless acts of love and kindness can inspire you to do the same. This will lead you to a more abundant life. Those who have a teacher who is a living breathing example of giving back to life in everything they do are most fortunate indeed. 445 more words


Trump Is A Bad Seed

You won’t hear this from our corporate news media, but it doesn’t care that Trump is a bad seed, because misogyny, white privilege and being a con artist has its benefits, i.e. 302 more words

Book 4

The Boy Who Cried Rigged

There once was a boy who seized a flock of sheep from the Republican Party. He had the propensity to lie often and without hesitation. After he’d bullied his way into the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, he cried, “Rigged,” whenever he faced failure in the polling. 212 more words

Book 4


This is my first time to attempt to upload a document for your download… so not sure if it will work – until someone tries :) 84 more words

Alarm Bells Ringing