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Trump: "I Can Do Bad All By Myself"

Seriously folks, Trump exploits others for his own financial and/or personal gratification. Those foolish enough to support him, carry the burden of mental and moral weaknesses. 274 more words

Book 4

What The Hell Do White Educated Birthers have to lose?

That’s the better question, but you won’t hear that from Trump, because the answer is, everything. White Educated Birthers, unlike their counter-parts, Non-Educated White Birthers, see one color, and that’s the color green. 383 more words

21st Century Politics Vs. 18th Century Politics

Updates and Coming Soon News...

August has been a serious kick ass, work hard kind of month for me. Actually, so were June and July. LOL. If I haven’t been as chatty as usual, it’s not because I’ve been parked on a chaise lounge with a Mai Tai all summer. 311 more words

TrumpNews, Money, Power, Sex, And Influence.

I love it. TrumpNews will blow the competition, out of the water. C’mon, TrumpNews will be the Simone Biles of cable news networks. Lead by Ailes, Bannon, and Trump, it doesn’t get any better than that. 272 more words

Book 4

Every Moment Is A Moment To Be Thankful

So yeah, having a cat bird’s view at the creation of TrumpNews, I’m thankful. C’mon, a cable news network under the helm of Ailes, Bannon, and Trump. 263 more words

Book 4

Kellyanne Conway Is A White Educated Birther?

I knew about those non-educated White Birthers, you know, all those racists folks, who are unaware that they’d been scammed by Conservative Super PACs for the last eight years. 359 more words

Book 4

I Demand Mitch McConnell Hold A Vote On President Obama's SCOTUS Nominee

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Conservatives/Republicans had callously disregarded President Obama since day one of his Presidency. From birtherism to obstructionism, Conservatives/Republicans had dismissed and still dismiss President Obama. 361 more words

21st Century Politics Vs. 18th Century Politics